189+ Community Acupuncture Clinics and I need help!

This post is more administrative/research oriented than most posts here, but hopefully you will derive a bit of fun from it as well. Most importantly I need you to check what I have done to see if it’s correct before I go any further. But I am getting ahead of myself, putting my shows on before my socks. Let’s get straightened out…

It all started a month of so ago (set your Wayback machine to early April 2011) when I was idly doodling while thinking of all the Community Acupuncture clinics around the world. Then it hit me: I wanted a cool way to visually show the clinics.  But how? A little more thinking got me to thinking of the Periodic Table of the Elements. What about using that as a template? Superimpose the clinics onto the Table? I was hooked.  This could be really cool! So I began to commence to plan for this project. 

Right off three issues reared their ugly little heads and threatened to derail my project:

1) I have both little art ability and I also have little experience in using things like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Plus I am colorblind and I hope to make this into both a full color poster for folks to buy (Hey! I’m talking to YOU!) and possibly t-shirts. But I asked around and Michelle Fanslau of Acupuncture Hale volunteered to be my artist. (A round of applause for Michelle! She’s got a ton of work to do!)   Problem #1 solved.

2) The second issue was how to arrange the clinics on the Table? I tinkered around a lot with a geographical arrangement but it never would fit quite right so I am wondering them by how old the clinics are. (This is where you clinic owners will need to correct me later.) Problem #2 fixed.

3) As you can see from looking at the Periodic Table, there are at present 111 discovered. But I got at least 189 clinics I want on the table. What to do?  Long story short: go to the Extended Periodic Table! This got me into all sorts of reading about how many elements there could possibly be, the chances of an as-yet undiscovered Island of Stability of mega-heavy elements, magic numbers in Physics, the speed of light as it concerns electrons and all sorts of fun stuff. No, you won’t be tested on all of this at the end so you don’t have to clinic on the links. Basically what it means is that I can extend my Periodic Table of Community Acupuncture Clinics as far as I want and need. So there.

Those three problems taken care of, it was time to move on to establishing how old all the clinics are. This was/is a four step process:

1) Use the annual clinic surveys to see what founding date (month and year; I am not interested in finer detail than that) various clinic owners responded with. I snagged about 115 clinics this way.

2) Mined the forum, Community Acupuncture and Me for more dates. Another 20 or so clinics there.

3) Emailed, then called other clinics from Locate-A-Clinic to get answers.

4) Emailed, then called clinics that for different reasons are not on LOC but are Community Acupuncture clinics as defined by the LOC rules.  

I only have a couple of clinics that I haven’t heard from yet and if I don’t get them in a day or two then they are SOL. Also I made an executive decision to only include US and Canadian clinics because it is really hard to find out how many clinics there are in other countries-a few dozen at least. Sorry folks! Next time I do this I will try harder to get you! 

Now we are up to today and my asking you for help.  I have a link here over to the public announcements forum where you will find another link to the clinic list so you can see (if you are clinic owners) if I have your opening date correct. If not let me know! Also, notice the abbreviation/acronym I have before your clinic name. First, I don’t want to duplicate those so if you don’t like what I have for you and you want something different and it is not already used by an older clinic than yours, let me know what you want it changed to. Those acronyms and abbreviations are not at all set in stone so let me know. 

After I get done with the editing then it is time to do the art work. Hopefully within a month or two you will see the results! Until then a couple of fun facts:

– September of 2009 saw the most clinics started with 10. November of 2010 saw 9 clinic open. 

– It looks like there are fewer clinics opening the last couple of months but from my experience in trying to track ourselves that’s usually it takes a couple of months for all clinics that start in a given month to identify themselves to the world. 

– Three of the first 13 clinics are in Austin. Austin now has five clinics.

– Seven clinics are in Seattle and another is just over the city line in Shoreline, giving Seattle more clinics than any other city. Another clinic is just about to open there too. 

– Number of clinics started by month:

January 17

February 11

March 17

‘April 20

May’ 25

June 16

July 10

August 12

September 21

October 14

November 18

December  8

There you go. Spring and fall: no surprises there! 

Skip Van Meter
Author: Skip Van Meter

Skip is Lead Acupuncturist and Co-Founder of <a href="https://www.workingclassacupuncture.org/" target="_blank">Working Class Acupuncture</a> in Portland, Oregon. With the earlier part of his life spent acquiring knowledge about geology, urban planning and teaching high school, he has now been an acupuncturist for 19 years, using about a 1,750,000 needles poking his patients. He likes all things soccer, has three fabulous sons, the best wife in the world, and a great dog and two cool cats.

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  1. CBM Health Care joins Community Acupuncture Network!


    CBM Health Care joins Community Acupuncture Network! Non Profit medical clinic network with acupincture and holistic modalities joins CAN. Clinics located in Clinton Township, Pontiac, Fenton, Trenton Michigan. Services incliude Mobile House call  visits to Frail Elderly that are homebound. 313-815-8767 Sliding scale definetely!

  2. I love this!

    I love that YBCA was part of such a big growth spurt in Spring 2010!  


    And also, damn you for adding such cool links… I have no business reading about magic numbers while trying to get my clinic ready to open in 25 hours.

  3. Hi Ibraham

    Could you mail or email some info to us about your hours and fees?  Or drop some off if/when you are in Detroit?  I couldn’t see that info on the CBM website.  We may have referrals for you from Clinton Twp, Pontiac etc. Thanks!

    Nora Madden

    Detroit Community Acupuncture

    4100 Woodward Ave. Detroit 40201

    info at  detroitcommunityacupuncture dot com

  4. Add another one!

    Hello Skip and everyone out there!

    Announcing the first CA clinic in Virginia!! (as far as I know and can tell from the map)

    My partner Nicole and I have signed the lease for the property and I am typing the business plan in another window right now….yay!

    Opening date estimated at August 15, 2011

    We have some promo dates scheduled throughout the summer, prior to opening day, to get the word out, although interest has already surfaced and I am already worried that we will be TOO busy – just kidding…not worried, but feel certain about this… 

    Certainly no complaints about the vast support and help on this forum – I keep finding everything I need or have questions about – but man oh man is there a lot to gather!  Keeping it simple is the challenge for me.

    Just looking for some basic stats that are the most current to include in the business plan descriptions – I found the 2010 survey numbers and was here searching to find the number of clinics at this moment as well.

    Any other numbers that you think I could use – everything is so inspiring – and I want to really put it all out there.  We have several to many people coming out of the woodwork to help us get up and running – our community is chock full of interest…

    SO I want to give the latest and greatest stats!!!

    Thanks for comments and suggestions on how to streamline – and Skip, if you have anything to offer me specifically I will take it with much appreciation.

    (yes, I am using the fantastic CA 101 info and all the other Nuts and Bolts resources…Laughing

    Deann Bishop

    Roanoke VA