A Change of Seasons

As the shadows begin to grow longer here in the Sonoran desert, I say goodbye  Fire and Earth, and hellooo… Metal. My thoughts turn to autumn and cooler temperatures, and not soon enough because Tucson is already pretty much absolute Yang. 

Some here may argue with me and say hey, dude, duh, it’s only late summer or the earth phase, especially since it was over 100 degrees here yesterday.  But I figure after making it through this much of another Tucson summer, I’m ready for autumn. Plus, I feel like our seemingly short lived but incredibly refreshing monsoon rains are our earth phase as they have transformed the desert from brown to green.  But they are pretty much on the wane.  So, for me, it’s the start of acupuncture autumn.  And to celebrate, I offer up these links to a little bit of modern metal.

A Change of Seasons, Part 1

A Change of Seasons, Part 2

A Change of Seasons, Part 3

A Change of Seasons, Part 4

Diana asked recently that we say more about how we feel about our jobs, and not just numbers. For me, these two things are currently and inextricably intertwined.  For one, I feel like my skills and practice are taking leaps and bounds, due in large part to the numbers.  I haven’t ever treated so many people ever in such a short period of time. 

Tucson Community Acupuncture
has been averaging about 55 paid visits /week for the past 5 weeks with a high of 70 a couple of weeks back.  We haven’t reached the 3 month point yet.  It’s an amazing feeling.  Secondly, I’m weirdly addicted to checking the numbers in our online appointment scheduler.  I bet Sigmund would have his own take on that.

So on Saturday, I imagined that I felt a little like the keeper of a lighthouse, a lifeguard, or a shaman who beats the drum, or shakes the rattle in a ceremony to provide a lifeline for those currently traveling in the recliners. I watched over 7 who took a group nap, with one who was restless but finally succumbed to the group napping energy. I always find it kind of humorous to see someone try to read during acupuncture, swimming against the current and then fall asleep as the current carries them off. 

What other feelings are there besides the exhiliration?  Well, if exhaustion is a feeling, then I’ve got it bad or good. It takes a lot to create and run a business even when the path is laid bare before you, let alone treat 30, 40, 50, or 100 people a week.  Try this while working other jobs to pay the bills while the practice grows to pay for itself.  Believe me when I say that this is not me whining or trolling for sympathy, I’m a happy, happy clam with TCA, life is just very busy right now.  In 6 or 12 months, things are going to look totally different I believe.  Maybe I’ll brew up a bathtub of Gui Pi Tang and dive right in.  These 2 majors, exhiliration and exhaustion, are on my mind along with many different feelings in between that come and go with our CA clientele and their own personal journeys. 

On a final note, advertising with the seasons is also on my mind.  Although our “Free Fridays” have catapulted us forward so far, we’re trying something a little different this month. From September 22-27, we are having back to school week, offering free first treatments for teachers, students, and school employees.  Instead of gearing up for one big free day, we decided to see what it would be like to spread out a promotion over the course of a week.  We’re utilizing all of our current teacher contacts locally to place flyers in or around the schoolteacher’s mailboxes.  More gorilla marketing!   We’ll let you know how this works.

I wish a prosperous autumn to all of you, friends and fans of metal alike.


Author: keithananda

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  1. Nice…

    I miss the days of Headbanger’s Ball when MTV was music television. Thanks for the links.

    You guys rock, Kris and I have to make a trip down to The Old Pueblo and see your place, it sounds like your hard work is paying off. I love your marketing idea, Kris mentioned this very thing to me a couple months ago, doing free first visits for nurses during nurse appreciation week, etc. 


  2. Addiction to checking the numbers on the schedule,

    that happens over here, too.  I have goals, so I’m always checking to see how close I can get.  And I’ve been doing this for over 2 years!

    Congratulations on your rousing success!