A Successful May Membership Drive!!

Thanks to Countless volunteers, staff and about 50 clinics, we were able to raise $16,115 during this year's May Membership Drive. Which is fabulous! Just Fabulous!!

And We had 310 New Member Signups!
And 40.. count 'em FORTY new members said “Yes” They'd liked to volunteer for POCA.

Which I think is super exciting. Membership Circle is now reaching out to these new members to see where they want to put their skills, energy, and perspective to use and what they're excited to take on. I for one, am really excited to get to know and work with these new folks. I love nerding out and problem solving as a way of meeting and bonding with new folks. It breaks isolation and builds hope. Volunteering creates chances for new connections and opportunities. When someone gets an opportunity to volunteer, it's a chance to break out of the apathy and despair that's bred when one is used to having no recourse, no agency. Because there is recourse in this world, there is agency-we just have to band together, pool our resources, pool our ideas, be there for each other, be kind along the way. Ok, sorry tangent. But my point is, Membership Circle is using this drive as pushstart to invite more people in POCA circles and projects and give people some thing to be excited and hopeful about. Plus there are some hella cool POCA projects on the back burner that are just waiting for someone to take them up.

….And back to the clinics…Yes I said *about 50* clinics. I say “about 50” because some people didn't associate a clinic in their profile. So Who Knows what clinic told them about POCA. Some I could have guessed at-like the member who signed up in Philly.

But some of the towns the patients lived in had NO CA clinic nearby so… A Better question is… How far they are driving to get acupuncture? Well, the answer for some of them is pretty dang far. Some new members even said, “No clinic at the moment”. Which is a big lousy bummer for those needing the respite that only a CA clinic provides.

Our membership drives seek to address this question because we're building capacity and building momentum. This drive raised $16,115 and we got 310 more people excited about spreading Community Acupuncture and 40 new people interested in volunteering with us. Way to Go!!

It is possible that someday we could very well have a POCA clinic in every city and every town- Your support of POCA makes that happen.
We are literally putting More Clinics and More Punks and More Auricular Acu-Techs, in More Places.

I want to acknowledge the clinics that helped make this successful Membership Drive possible- the numbers next to them are approximately how many folks they signed up. (Results were tallied by hand.)

Acupuncture Advantage: 1
Acupuncture for the People: 1
Acupuncture Together: 11
Albuquerque Community Acupuncture: 1
Berkeley Acupuncture Project: 4
Boise Acupuncture Coop: 14
Boston Acupuncture Project 1
Chico Community Acupuncture: 1
Circle Community Acupuncture: 6
Community Acupuncture of Towson 1
Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle 3
Deland Community Acupuncture 3
Down to Earth Acupuncture 1
El Dorado Community Acupuncture: 1
Flow Community Acupuncture: 3
Kindred Community Acupuncture: 4
Lincoln Acupuncture Project 1
Lincoln Square Acupuncture 1
Long Beach Community Acupuncture: 22
Manchester Acupuncture Studio 1
Many Rivers Community Acupuncture: 6
Milwaukee Community Acupuncture: 10
North Hollywood Community Acupuncture: 1
Oakland Acupuncture Project: 6
OPEN Community Acupuncture: 2
Phoenix Community Acupuncture: 1
Poke Community Acupuncture: 3
Providence Community Acupuncture: 13
Rochester Community Acupuncture: 9
Sacramento Acupuncture Project 23
Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture: 22
South Point Community Acupuncture: 2
Springs Community Acupuncture: 18
St. Petesburg Community Acupuncture: 5
Toronto Community Acupuncture: 4
Tuscon Acupuncture Coop 4
Wasatch Community Acupuncture: 4
Working Class Acupuncture 83

Unnamed clinic in Pittsburgh 1
Unnamed clinic in Redding, CA 1
Unnamed clinic in Fairplay CO 1
Unnamed clinic in Ashland 1
Unnamed clinic in Anderson, CA 1
Unnamed clinic in Tampa, FL 1
Unnamed clinic in Odessa, FL 1
Unnamed clinic in Chino Hills 1
Unnamed clinic in Philly 1
Unnamed clinic in Pleasant Hill, OR 1
Unnamed clinic in Centerville Utah 1
Unnamed clinic in Durham NC 1
Unnamed clinic in Henderson NV 1

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.

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  1. YYEESSSSS!!!!!

    YYYaaaAaAAYYyyYYYYY POCA! And YYYaaAAAYYYYyYY all those AWESOME folks and clinics that helped to make this drive extra-Extra-EXTRA FABULOUS!!!!