AAT Program Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of POCA’s Ear Circle is to train and support as many people as possible to become Auricular Acu-Technicians (AATs) and use the 5 Needle Protocol in their work and communities as supportive treatment for substance use disorders, trauma, and mental health issues. 

Vision and Values

Guided by the values of cooperation, social justice, and solidarity, the POCA Auricular Acu-Technician Training generates skilled, socially conscious, and dedicated practitioners who are committed to impacting their communities for the common good by providing as much group ear acupuncture as possible with a preferential option for the underserved.

The specific goals of POCA’s Ear Circle are to:

  1. Recruit trainees from the patient populations that POCA co-op clinics serve and other underserved and oppressed communities, with a preferential option for trainees who have a strong commitment to serving marginalized communities after receiving their certificate
  2. Teach the 5 Needle Protocol in a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive educational setting that emphasizes social justice in healthcare 
  3. Provide affordable trainings, with sliding scale and scholarship options whenever possible, to remove as many barriers as possible to creating a large network of AATs
  4. Encourage AATs in their endeavors to create sustainable environments for the delivery of the 5 Needle Protocol with ongoing support
  5. Provide up-to-date resources on state-by-state legislative changes regarding access to the safe practice of auricular acupuncture and to work to bring about legislative change towards increased access to auricular acupuncture
  6. Expand awareness of the benefits of 5NP through increasing access to this safe, simple, and effective treatment
  7. Develop a network of trainers who are enthusiastic about creating more acupuncture access and sustaining POCA and its commitment to accessible care through active participation in the Ear Circle.