Acupuncture is Like Noodles Read-Along/Discussion

Previous guest-poster, CA patient and fan, and blogger extraordinaire, brownfemipower (bfp) is hosting a read-along/discussion of Noodles over at the Detroit Community Acupuncture website.  

So far she’s posted an introduction, a Part I and Part II.

The discussion is open to all, and we’re particularly encouraging other patients, other healthcare providers, community organizers, small “social business” owners, and other folks who are involved in social justice projects, etc., to contribute their observations, questions, critique, etc.   Of course CA punks and other acupuncturists are encouraged to join in!  I think bfp will be doing most of the moderating, and I’ll jump in mostly if I have questions or feel something might need clarification.

Come on over!

(Oh, and if you don’t have the book yet, ask for it at your local Community Acupuncture clinic, or order it online from WCA.)

Author: noraneedles

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  1. wow!

    i am totally loving this. thanks Nora, for sharing your completely cool patients with the rest of us…i’ll tune back in to the discussion often. we’re working on getting our Noodles display in order–really making it accessible and interesting to patients. Any suggestions welcome. I’m thinking of posting a weekly quotation at the reception desk to get people interested. Rock on, girl!



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