Acupuncture Together One Year Anniversary

Last week Acupuncture Together celebrated its one year anniversary.  In honor of this occasion I hosted a free treatment day on Thursday, May 28th and requested donations for The Pan African Acupuncture Project and Acupuncturists Without Borders.  It turned into a really wonderful day.  I treated 42 people and raised $600 in donations!  Many of my regular patients came in to enjoy the day and share their support, and a bunch of acupuncture newbies showed up as well to try a treatment.  I was very pleased with my patients’ genuine interest in the charities I was supporting and their thoughts on them.  Despite the fact that it was quite busy (6 tx/hour with a few surprise walk-ins), I had some help from two of my usual assistants and my parents which made it easier.  It was fun giving little office tours to some of my new visitors and chatting with many of my patients.

What made it even more special were the numerous conversations that occurred among my patients who took the time to relax in the reception area and enjoy a snack after their treatment.  There was a genuine feeling of community that day as the clinic bustled with activity.  My patients emphasized how much gratitude they have for community acupuncture; for affordability and accessibility, for autonomy in choosing when to come in for treatment based on suggested guidelines and for how much benefit they receive from their treatments.  Heated discussions involved individual accounts of serious health problems and former struggles with other acupuncturists who would ask them up front to commit outrageous amounts of money for a committed series of treatments which only added more stress to their lives – the exact issues that we are trying to combat by practicing in the community model.  All I can say is that I am truly at peace practicing in this way and grateful for being introduced to this model of practice.  I cannot even fathom practicing acupuncture in any other way, nor would I want to.  It is wonderful to truly believe in what I do and have the people I treat being supportive. 

Author: Justine_Myers

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  1. Hey Justine! I know this

    Hey Justine! I know this comment is more than a year late, but I randomly landed here, and it warmed my heart. That is so great! I love hearing my patients chit chatting with each other. We are CREATING community!