Almost 3 Years Old!

Whew, it's been a while since my last blog. Been too busy working on POCA stuff to think about writing.

I noticed that people tend to taper off from blogging once they are about 2+ years into their clinics. Everything isn't so new and different anymore, so we don't have as much to talk about.

But I really think it's a key time to blog, people want to know what happens to a clinic after the first year or two?


I am still here in my little town in Minnesota of 27,000. I am still in my little clinic with 7 chairs and one table. It's a little 500 sq ft store front downtown.


I have about 3 volunteers that manage my clinic.


I see on average about 110+ patients a week. I schedule 6 an hour. I take walk-ins all the time.


I work M/W/F 9-5 with a lunch break from 12-2 and T/Th 1-6pm.


I haven't done a free day or promo in a little while. When it gets slow I send out ~50 postcards to existing people I haven't seen in a while. I am signed up to do free acupuncture at the film festival this weekend and on Earth day in April.

Major developments:

-Getting stuck on a nursing home on call. Calling every Tuesday to see if I have go in for like one person. Tried to set up CA there, but it didn't work with the bureauracy. Everyday it makes me love CA more.

– Switching from paper files to Practice Fusion. It took me about one whole month to get used to. But I really love not filing and losing files. I chart chairside while I see the patient or right after.

– Hiring a punk and Firing a punk. That was a lot of crying and tons and tons of work. My systems are a lot better now. We just weren't good fits for each other. I am very very very glad that it did come up early and we decided to go separate ways early on. It could have dragged on and that'd only made it worse.

-My MVP volunteer receptionist developed an envelop system where people write on the envelop if they are paying for more than one treatment/herbs/etc.etc. It'll work really well with another punk.

– Being more content. I think my New Year's Resolution for last year was to deal better with my numbers going up and down and not panic about having enough to eat if I have one slow day. I kind of see it as running the marathon now. I love CA. I don't love it everyday. I enjoy being busy. But I don't need myself to see 150 a week every week. I'd like to find someone. But if I don't it's not the end of the world. The systems are so good that I can treat 100+ without burning myself out. And I am working more on POCA stuff.

My Dreams:

-I guess I would like to do a survey of all the BIG clinics and find out some key aspects in their systems that enables “smooth” functioning with employees. I am not there yet, so I would like to learn more.


Would love to hear about how everyone's doing! And if and how you've changed the way you think about your clinic as you've got a few years? 


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Wishing all your clinics a happy birthday to another year and lots lots of super CA energy 😀

Jade Fang
Author: Jade Fang

Opened Jade Community Acupuncture in July of 2009. Loving the CA experience. Love being a part of the community. It's my first time being in business by myself, so writing about the roller coaster ride it is being a first time businesswoman. Have some marketing experience, love to help people with their marketing. Really appreciate the community of support with CAN! Everyone's helped me so much!

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  1. Thanks for the updates Jade. What are you using to chart chair side? I use onenote right now but I have to go back to the front desk area to chart. We are in the process of setting up volunteers and I’d like to keep patient files seperate and have been thinking about a kindle fire for chair side charting.

  2. I am just using a laptop. I tested a netbook and iPad using Practice Fusion and it just wasn’t fast enough. I know a couple of other clinics are using other devices. *Poke* Skip or other WCA ppl are you guys using iPads?

    I have two laptop now. One for the volunteers to enter information into Practice Fusion and Quickbooks and another chairside to chart.