An Inside Job – By thomasriordan

I want to bring more awareness and acceptance of acupuncture to the medical community therefore I have decided to go to nursing school in January. This will allow me to do an “inside job”. I feel that every hospital should offer acupuncture and freely refer people to it knowing exactly what acupuncture is able to treat. It is time that acupuncture is respected and stands alongside the medical community as an equal. I have always believed that Western medicine and acupuncture have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other and in these times of rising medical costs and constrained budgets it is time to fully integrate acupuncture into our nation’s medical model to give patients better care and to lower health care costs. As a nurse I will be taken seriously by them and I will be able to act as a bridge between Western medicine and Oriental medicine.
Things in this country are changing at a rapid rate with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I believe that progressives in this country are finally getting organized in a powerful way to enact the kind of changes I want to see. Many people are asking questions about how things are done in this country and putting forth ideas that have never been seriously considered before. I am feeling more hopeful about things! I want to dedicate myself to becoming a holistic nurse as can be seen in this national organization and work in the medical profession for the advancement of acupuncture. As someone with acupuncture and nursing licenses I would be uniquely positioned to do so. I am convinced that including acupuncture in our health care system is one of the best ways to reduce medical costs while at the same time increasing the quality of care patients are receiving.
To accomplish this goal I need to sell my clinic so I can start school in January. I will miss my patients and volunteers terribly, I have known some of them for three years, but I have made my decision and I want to move forward on this. If you are interested in buying my clinic please let me know, I have a posting in the classified section of this website. If you are new to this I could show you some Master Tung techniques I have learned. I have taken all the classes with Susan Johnson and have been working with it on a daily basis. Please email me to discuss this further.

Author: andy-wegman

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  1. Hi Thomas

    I wish you luck in your efforts to bring acupuncture into mainstream medicine from the inside, but I’ve gotta wonder who you’ve been talking to who led you to think “as a nurse I will be taken seriously by them”. Most nurses I know feel under appreciated and disrespected by the systems in which they work. Their opinions are rarely valued by Dr’s or by anybody with much power. While some of this may be gender related, it’s hard for me to imagine that just being male would be enough to change all that. I would talk to some nurse acupuncturists before I leaped, if it were me. I know several if you want some names. One told me that nursing school was what made sure her student loan payments were too high for her to be able to continue working as an acupuncturist.