(and I did get permission to quote her here)

Yesterday was a sweaty, busy, 6-an-hour booked solid day at Poke. Folks sleep longer when it’s warm, and I had the beginnings of a bottleneck in the front waiting area, with all 8 recliners full and nobody written on the wee chalkboard as needing to be up and gone for another half hour. The people waiting weren’t stressed about it, so I was mentally shrugging, when a patient offered to leave: “I could stay and sleep another half hour, but I’ll go if you need the seat.”

“You sure?” I asked her. “I don’t want to cheat you of half an hour of rest.”

“Of course I’m sure,” she said, arching a perfect eyebrow. “That’s why it’s called community acupuncture.” 

 Oh, right. ‘Nuff said. Thanks, A.

Lisa B.
Author: Lisa B.

Lisa prefers fireflies to fireworks, reverts to bluntness in stressful moments, would happily wear legwarmers year-round, and probably wants to be your friend.

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