Announcements, and Walking in Three Worlds

Stretch. Crack my knuckles to prepare them for some serious typing. Exhale. Here comes my blog entry for the month. Scratch my head — what the Hell do I have to write about?

Ever since my last post announcing my licensing, I’ve been a dried-up well when it comes time to post a new blog entry. Upon receiving the peice of paper from the California Acupuncture Board, I’ve been in soak-it-up-and-learn-mode, and I haven’t had time for opinions or insights. Well, that has recently changed, so watch out — here’s a blog-thingy from moi.

First, the announcement: WE HAVE A SPACE!!!

(“we” = Circle Community Acupuncture, in San Francisco)

That’s right, after months of looking, rejecting, being lied to, being rejected, etc we signed a lease. We have 1100 sqft of empty space that we a frantically racing around to fill up and prepare for a September opening. We got our first Lafuma today — $45 on Craigslist!

Walking in three worlds:

I discovered CA about a year before I graduated from TCM-school, and quickly became committed to opening a CA clinic. Upon graduating, I immediately set out to make my dreams come true (with my wonderful partners) but in the interim I needed cash and I needed it fast!

I became a private Acupunk. Twice.

First, I am able to rent a very small room once a week for a very cheap fee. I put the word out that I was charging $35-$50 for acupuncture, and I soon filled up with patients. I’ve been pretty busy, and have developed a nice clientelle; unfortunately, I can only work in this space one day a week, so, obviously, I can only see patients once a week at best. I’ve had some success with patient’s recovering, and quite a few frustrations when patients could not come often enough for long-lasting results.

Second, I work at a downtown massage studio as the staff acupuncturist. $90 a treatment. Lots of talking. I work there three days a week, so theoretically, I can see patients more frequently, but no one wants to drop $90 several times a week. Hell, most of them only come once a month. I don’t blame them.

So, I’ve been walking in two worlds. I’ve got a relatively affordable private practice, but it’s only a hobby if I’m doing it once a week. On the other hand, I’ve got a boutique space where I mostly treat stressed-out lawyers and law students (I’ve become a master of Tan’s ShaoYang/JueYin balance), once a month, and charge prices that I couldn’t afford myself.

Now, I’m entering my third world. The one I want to be in. One where I can quote my prices and look the prospective patient in the eye, one where I can tell patients to come often as needed, instead of often as finances allow.

Community Acupuncture, here I come!

Author: Davelcorp

I'm French-Irish-American hybrid living in SF, married to a Irish-American gal from New Hampshire. I have a son named after my hometown in Texas; he was born in the year of the Monkey (me--the Dog.) I went to school to learn how to stick needles into people in order to make them feel better. I'm broke, in-debt, and pay too much rent for a <strike>one-bedroom</strike> two-bedroom apartment. I have health insurance but owe about $2000 in medical bills and believe that CA will make my life, and others like me, more comfortable. I also have about 20 kilos of puer tea aging in a red metal cabinet -- I plan to drink it all before my days are over.  

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  1. congratulations!

    i empathize about finding a space, that was one of the most frustrating and rewarding hills we climbed.  sounds like your PP can be a a springboard to spread the word about your new Circle.  great name.  september awaits! -keith

  2. yay davel!

    I’m so excited for you!!! I can’t wait to see your new space–my family and I are coming out to SF in April, and it will be their first real acupuncture visit–and we’ll all get to do it together!!  Congratulations, my friend  : )

  3. Congrats!

    Finding a space is quite a feat – 1100 sq ft is perfect! Also, I love your new clinic name. Opening is a crazy job but it sounds like you are really ready for it and I wish you the best of luck. Glad to also read about your clinical experiences in the meantime… that will only help you more as you start your new practice. Congrats!

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac.

    Acupuncture Together of Cambridge, MA

  4. Congratulations!

    So glad you guys found a space. It can take so long to find something that really fits, but when it does it’s really rewarding.

     Just wanted to let you (and everyone else) know that you can get lafuma type chairs at Camping World for much cheaper. I bought 3 of my there 5 before I opened and only spent $180. Don’t know if there’s one in the city, but there’s one in Fairfield (north of Vallejo).

     Oh and let me know when you’re all set up so I can add you to my NorCal list:


    Good luck!