Announcing CANference 2: Manchester, NH October 15 & 16!!!


(Re-posted from Skip's Blog in June)

The first time was so nice we are doing it twice!

No doubt you've either attended or read about the first CANference held last April in Portland, OR and know that is was a huge success. In truth it was a great big love-fest amongst about 100 Community Acupuncturists. We played hard and we talked hard. We learned a ton. There were great talks and even greater discussions between the talks. Non-stop fun for two straight days-and how often can you say that about an acupuncture conference!The only thing missing was relatively few easterners made the long trip. Problem! So after it was over several of us thought and thought and came up with the idea of doing another CANference, this time on the east coast!

Same general format with some of the same speakers and some different. Some of the rough edges of the first CANference will be smoothed out a bit such as a lower registration cost. Voila! CANference 2! What's that? You want details? Where again?

See Science Center 200 Bedford St, #502Manchester, NH 03101

Any hotel willing to give me a decent rate? 

Hilton Garden Inn, Manchester is holding 20 rooms for Community Acupuncture Network folks at a rate of $109/night. Phone number is 603. 669.2222. Address is 101 S. Commercial St, within walking distance of See Science Center and the Manchester Acupuncture Studio building where the Saturday night party is gonna be.  

*UPDATE* – rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn are reserved for Friday and Saturday only. It turns out they are currently sold out for Sunday night (the 16th).  For those of us who are staying through Monday and are looking for a room on Sunday night, check here at the Radisson right up block from all events in the Millyard. 

What's the general schedule of the two days?

Each morning will have a couple of speakers that everyone will be present for. Lisa Rohleder of Working Class Acupuncture will be the featured presenter on day 1 with Cris Monteiro of Providence Community Acupuncture and John Vella of WCA assisting.

Day 2 with begin with Drs. Linda Barnes & Karen Bryant-Wegman speaking on topics of power, class and justice in medicine for the first half of the morning. The second half features Kevin Campopiano of The Acupuncture Studio of Glens Falls, NY (pop. 14,700) speaking on, “How To Make Mistakes in CA”.

Afternoons will consist of multiple Breakout sessions: two periods of an hour and a half each where you have three possible mini workshops to choose from. Each of the three workshops follows a theme of either a) Acupuncture Techniques, b) Communication with Patients, or c) Clinic Organization.

Here's what we got so far, Saturday Session One:

1) TBA-The last open slot to be filled on a workshop on Acupuncture Techniques.

2) Communication with Patients by Andy Wegman, Manchester Acu Studio

3) Hiring, the Big Picture by Skip Van Meter, Working Class Acupuncture, Portland OR

And Saturday Session Two:

1) Herbs in the CA clinic by Justine Deutsch of Acupuncture Together in Cambridge Mass

2) Communications in a CA Practice by Mary Stewart and Julia Carpenter of Berkeley Acupuncture Project

3) Cris Monteiro's accountant: Quickbooks and beyond!

Sunday Session Three:

1) Bloodletting by Andy Wegman, Manchester Acu Studio

2) Working with Admin Supporters in the clinic, by Ellen Vincent and Zem Chance of Philadelphia CA 

3) HR issues and employees: the details of employing: Cris Monteiro of Providence CA

And Sunday Session Four:

1) Armchair needling strategies by David Lesseps of Circle CA in San Francisco

2) Working with a diverse patient base: sex and gender issues in the GLBT community by Michelle Faucher of Pinwheel CA in Chico, CA

3) Computers in the Clinic by Mary Stewart and Julia Carpenter of Berkeley Acupuncture Project.  

Sounds great!

But seriously: Will there be food?

Yes! Saturday and Sunday lunches plus Saturday dinner are part of the registration fee. The delicious all-vegan fare will be provided by Rasa's Vegan Kitchen. Yum!

You said party?Yes I did. The party at this point looks to be held in three adjacent rooms in the same building as the Manchester Acupuncture Studio, a big old mill building within walking distance of the See Science Center and the Hilton. Beer and wine will be provided with one room being for animated discussion, one room with music deejayed by Whitsitt Goodson of Acupuncture for the People of Eugene OR, and one room or space for Ellen Vincent's dream come true: the jello pit wrestling. And no, you don't have to jello wrestle though if you do want to, email Ellen and you will be her friend for life.

This Party will go into the wee hours.

What's the registration price for this whole shindig? $175 until August 1st when it goes up to $200.

Sign me up! Wait-where do I register? This time you go to Working Class Acupuncture's website to register.

CEU's?We are applying for 12 CEU's to NCCAOM and California. Possibly Florida too but they have a weird system. I'll update you on this when they come in.

As an aside, we feel that having CANferences every year would be a very, very good way for us CA people to earn their CEU's in an actual fun and useful place. Keep that in the back of your mind going forward.

You folks making any money off of this?Any profits will go to the POCA micro-lending fund for future CA clinics. (Yes, the micro lending fund has not been set up yet but this will give it a quick cash infusion as soon as it starts.)

That's all for now. I'll be blogging updates as new info reveals itself!

Come to CANference 2!