Announcing POCA Tv!


This week the fractal will expand again. POCA is proud to be launching an on demand web based video streaming service focused on Community Acupuncture, called POCA Tv. Due to the time consuming nature of filming, editing, and hosting we have created 2 half time positions to generate the content that will be the core of POCA Tv.  We have created a space for members to contribute their own CA related video as well.  Lisa has written a new blog about the many reasons why we are launching POCA Tv.


When you visit there is a new tab in the menu labeled “POCA Tv” (look up and to the left and you should see it). Clicking on that tab will take you into the exciting new world of POCA Tv.  Down this page and to the right you can watch a preview of POCA Tv. We would love your feedback and are happy to take suggestions for new videos. We are excited to be creating lots of new video to help your clinic be more successful!


Lisa & Wade