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  1. Pauline that isn’t really accurate based on these graphs. It is highly likely that the numbers in the under 20k groups are still in start-up mode. At that point no one expects to be earning anything, and there’s a big chunk of the graph in that zone so it really shouldn’t be counted towards the general trend of what folks are earning at their clinics.

  2. Shauna, thank you so much for all your hard work on this project, which I know was a TON. And thanks to all the busy clinic owners who responded! This information is a really, really valuable contribution towards our goals of having honest conversations about the economics of acupuncture, and establishing reality-based businesses. I hope next year we have an even better response rate.

  3. Shauna, you rock! Thank you for your work! and…
    Totally agree with David on the colors. Thanks for mentioning that David. LOL
    You raise a good point Kim. Maybe next year gross amount paid to owner could be split into categories based on years of operation. That would give us an idea of how long it takes before people can pay themselves.
    Separating out gross amount in payroll and number of employees would also be telling.

  4. I’ve got some supplemental information on the way (before I go to bed tonight PST) to help answer all these questions. The data is all there but now I’m putting it in readable/useful form broken down by the year each clinic opened.