Approaching 3 Years, CAN style

Next month, our clinic will have been offering community-style treatments for 3 years.  Let me begin by letting out a big celebratory WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP to go with the above statement.

At the risk of writing the same blog post I always write, l have to say how happy I am to have this practice model, and the community that has gathered around it.  Because of this model, I treat enough people to feel really useful and successful as an acupuncturist, our patients can afford enough treatment to make a big difference in their lives, and I can afford to hire a small but wonderful staff to work with me, thus saving me from the twin nasties of isolation and do-everything-yourself-ness.  (both of which kicked my butt for the 10 years before I found Lisa & Skip’s little red book of acupuncture revolution).

Because of this model, I have great colleagues who speak truth to power and use their understanding of class and privilege to speak up about what is not right, and about how our individual choices can help make change.

November and December tend to be our clinic’s slowest months, and yet we are up about 30% compared to this time last year.   With the economy as it is, I would say that is pretty f*@kin’ excellent.   With all the time I no longer spend worrying about having enough patients, I am playing my guitar more, writing more songs and playing at open mic nights.  I even have a demo cd now, in the top selling genre of rock n roll for and about middle aged lesbians. (I’m not planning to quit my day job– good thing l love it)

I even have a few patients who show up to hear me play — how’s that for community?

Eventually I will have time to figure out how to get a Myspace page up, and will post a few of my songs there.  In the meantime, Rock on, CAN comrades, and thank you for lighting the path.


Author: Diana

<p> I had just hit 10 years in practice when I stumbled on the Working Class Acupuncture model in 1995, via Lisa and Skip's "Little red book of working class acupuncture". After reading this 3 times in the first two weeks, I was ready to jump, and two months later I was offering Community Acupuncture part time in my <a target="_blank" href="">Cape Cod, Massachusetts clinic</a>. </p> <p> While my boutiqe style practice had always been enough to pay the bills, I was forever needing to recruit new clients, and the ones I had often ignored my recommendations for a treatment plan, mosty due to cost. This made me feel frustrated and not very effective. The opportunity to transform my practice in ways that better support me, my community, and my values has been life changing for me. While it's all still a work in progress, there's no question that this is what I want to be doing, and helping others to do as well. </p>

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  1. REALLY 3 years since you first started?

    That is absolutely fantastic…I can’t believe I’ve been following your progress for that long now.  Your clinic must look far different from when I saw it with about 5 chairs in that small room.  So good to find you well and doing other things besides building a practice.  It gives me hope for my own future.  You’ll have to send a link to a sample of your CD. 

    You are one of my inspirations for not giving up on getting a CA together.

    rock on with yo’ bad self, tess bois

  2. Congratulations!

    Time really does fly, doesn’t it?  Your story is so inspiring – and how awesome you have a little double life as an acupunk and a rock punk Laughing

    Thanks for sharing your successes with us! 

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac., Acupuncture Together

  3. congratulations!

    Di, you are an inspiration.  I imagine your creative endeavors help nourish your ability to practice (as well as your practice enabling you to have time to play); that it could be a really nice generative cycle.

    And hey, don’t underestimate the market for your tunes – judging from Rachel Maddow’s popularity, the time is ripe for middle-aged smart lefty lesbians.  We’re so hot right now.

  4. Hi Tess,
     Time flies,

    Hi Tess,

     Time flies, doesn’t it?

    Yes, we are in the same location but have expanded to four rooms now, two are treatment rooms (3 recliners in one, 3 + table in the other)  one is a front office/reception space and the 4th TINY converted closet of a room is a private office for intakes, phone calls, or anything that requires closing a door for privacy.

    I remember your visit fondly (you may have been the first LAc to visit my budding community clinic) and look forward to seeing your clinic some day!   

  5. Wow, I knew we got “hot”

    Wow, I knew we got “hot” occasionally, wasn’t aware it was happening right now!!

    It is true, music makes me a happier acupuncturist and acupuncture helps me afford time for music.  Like making compost out of the scraps from a perfect salad to grow the next one.