Big 3 Go to Washington

As I watched with amusement the Big 3 go with suitably chastised bowed heads back to Washington today with a plan as to why” we the people ” should give them 34 billion to get their financial houses in order a few similarities with the institutions in this country that train acupuncturists struck me .

In a sense when we pledge to go to an acupuncture school ( shop for a car) we are looking for the most bang for our buck. (Good mileage)Least amount paid to get the most valuable chunks of information to help our patients and support ourselves in sustainable businesses

We want to be taught by the best( good engineering).We want good product support after the purchase( a school invested in making sure that their education really gives their student the best possible chance in the acupuncture market place and modifies its product( dare i say recall) when it does not prove to do what it was advertised to do( provide a decent income to the acupuncturist in a decent amount of time)

 We hope that the school (car) is the final outcome of the best in research and development prior to it even going to the drawing board. Here we are with a glut of SUVs and trucks(bloated education requirements)This fact becomes very clear when there is an economic turndown of the type that we are seeing now. I cannot imagine when was the last time that there was a product out of Detroit that looked like I might one day want to buy it. For me that product would have to be small, electric and built in such quantity that I could actually afford it(think Model T production line taking the price down, putting people to work and making a car within the price range of many inthe 1920s, where before it was just the preserve of the rich to ride around in cars,Sound familiar?

We know that the technology is there , that it has been bought up, shelved till fuel prices are too much for many( relevent , usable education)We know that the re-tooling should have been instigated years ago in the 80s or 90s when there was still a cushion of oil and profits( schools opening,expanding , planning and modifying education when reports started filtering back to them that a lot of graduates were simply not making it) Detroit’ Ford is now touting their “Volt” electric car that will come out at the end of 2010 and will be”as revolutionary as the Model T” Too little , too late?

What input did consumers like myself have in the content of this new “Volt”.Did we stipulate that it had to be affordable?That we wanted something out of Detroit that we did not have to take in for repairs all the time?I am sure that had we been asked that is what we would have said.Imagine an electric car for under 10 grand that actually provided great mileage, product support, kept its value and was sustainable?

Dare we ask these questions of our schools? 

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  1. Hmmm. Pretty timely analogy.

    Hmmm. Pretty timely analogy. That would make the first entry doctorate program look a little like a Hummer….a dinosaur of a beast, belching toxins (hot air) into the air, inflating the egos of the dealers and users, but otherwise representing a massive waste of finite planetary resources. 

    If this article in the NYTimes is accurate, college tuition prices in general are out of touch with the economic realities of the general population. 

    All true religions seek to gain access to that level of consciousness which is not ego-bound.&a

  2. GAS Prices

     I feel so manipulated by the prices at the gas station these days

    and I am trying to figure out how this ties into the metaphor above…

    maybe all the  miles were getting from the artifice of  cheap gas are akin

    to the idea that acupuncture just needs to get full insurance coverage and  to get more patient milage??


    Or maybe we’re just the cup-holders in the Humvee of the bloated medical system. 





  3. metaphors and materiality

    Hey you’ve got some good points there Diane.  Also, goodness knows I love a good metaphor.  Still, lately I find myself in the weird position of feeling defensive or annoyed about the way folks have been reporting on the auto industry…so just for fun here are some links to some good posts from a Detroit blogger about the situation on a nonmetaphorical level (the second one in particular has some good points about class):

  4. Hummer

    And interestingly, the sale of the Hummer to a chinese company by GM fell through… so GM is now going to discontinue the line. (No, stop, don’t cry!).

    I wonder who would cry if the FPD also was discontinued?