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Welcome to the new POCA Department of Education!

Our online CEU service received a facelift and a whole lot more.

Over the last few weeks your Publications and Content circle members have been hard at work making major changes to the online CEU portion of the website.  

In January, we rolled out an online CEU service and started providing free CEUs to our members.  After watching both members and non members use the CEU service for 6 months, we noticed several things that needed changing.

The POCA Department of Education is now mobile friendly.

More and more of you are earning your CEU credits whenever you have a spare moment.  You need to be able to easily access your courses from your phone or tablet. We overhauled the site so that it is easier to use on mobile devices.  It got a snappy new look too.

POCA Tech needs an online home for classes.  

With POCA Tech barreling down upon us (September 4th!), the instructors and students need a place to interact while they are not in one of the monthly intensives.  We added an area that is specifically for POCA Tech classes.  Here our students and teachers can interact and exchange information.  

Additionally all POCA Members will be able to access POCA Tech course material as a new member benefit.

Streamlined login

The old method of logging in was a bummer.  Two different passwords made it easy to get locked out of one or both parts of the site.  Confusion reigned.  A new login method is now available that will let you use the same username and password at the POCA Department of Education as you now use on the main POCA Website. Follow these steps if you would like the same username and password in both places.

  1. Follow this link.
  2. Login to confirm the change to your account
  3. If you are shown a success message, you are all set to login to the POCA Department of Education with your main POCA username and password.  If you receive a failure message, send us an email and we'll get you sorted out by hand.

We hope these changes make earning CEUs at POCA just a little easier.


– Your Publications and Content Circle 

Pictures in this email courtesy of José Antonio Millán and Muhammad Rafizeldi

Author: Wadelp

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  1. “Additionally all POCA Members will be able to access POCA Tech course material as a new member benefit.”

    That made my week right there. While I did pay for it, at this point I am more than confident in describing my POCA membership as, “A gift that keeps on giving.”

    Thanks, POCA!