CA office — work in progress

Oasis Community Acupuncture in Newark, CA has been open just over a year and until the last few days, the main treatment room was the smaller back room. The larger front open area was much noisier, since it faces a busy street.

After having several clients say the traffic noise really did not keep them from resting deeply when they were in the front room, I set up the office as I had originally pictured it. The front, open space has just become the treatment area, with more recliners.

To reduce the noise, I am installing weatherstripping on all the windows to close the small openings in the old frames. Having done most of the front windows so far, the noise is already less noticeable, more muffled.

Also, I finally set up a map with colored push pins for CA locations in the reception area. It has added more color to the front room. Nothing fancy. No plastic lamination over the map, used cardboard as backing so the pins don’t pierce the wall.
The atmosphere in the office has changed for the better. Having the map up (still have to put in more pins) is a helpful constant reminder that I am not alone in this type of practice. As of 3/23/09, there were 82 CA locations. (I could have used front office help yesterday with setting follow-up appointments.)

Author: davidv

Have been practicing community acup. since early 2008. Solo acupuncturist. No employee. Previous employments in Home Audio retail sales and Insurance claims.

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  1. all the more reason!

    I think it’s good to show the range – so prospective CA punks can see, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be pleasant and comfortable. 

    Also, I personally like to see the spaces to see how people organize their stuff and their space (how many plants? how cool is that wall color, or that poster or ? where do they keep the sharps container? how does that reception area work for patients & practitioners? how close together are the recliners? etc.)

  2. ok, i just posted some…

    … photos of Sarana from our last free tx day. will post some more, now that i am on that flikr thing – i need to photograph our reception area, etc.


  3. Yes!

    Come on into the flickr pool, everyone, the water’s fine!   (And I think credit goes to David Lesseps of Circle CA for setting it up…?)

  4. Will post pics soon.

    To give yourself an advance  preview in your own mind, think how a monk would set up a community acupuncture clinic. I think you’d come fairly close to what it’s like.

  5. Credit?

    Sure, I’ll take the credit.  I set up the account a long time ago, and now I can’t remember the yahoo-login for the damn thing.  Hopefully, no administrative duties are needed


    Tatyana, I see that you put the photos on your photstream, but they still need to be added to CAN group.  Your clinic looks so warm and cozy — I still need to get my carless self over to Albany to see the magic.

    Come on others!  Please add your photos to the stream.  It is amazing how much I like looking at photos of recliner arrangements.  Who says you have to be boring when you get older?!



    Circle Community Acupuncture

    San Francisco

  6. I need help jumping in.

    I tried putting my photos up a long time ago and just gave up because I wasn’t successful.  I need step by step (which you did!) but even simpler because I will try again. 


  7. thanks, david

    i figured out the adding to the group part, but yeah, i think some folks will need detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

    i owe your careless self a lunch – let me know when you have some time!