Can CA go Deep, revisited

In August there was a lot of discussion on the blog Can CA go Deep?

I began this blog on 10/1/08

One of my patients came in this AM saying, “I feel so good I could hug you!”  It was her 4th treatment. She is 64, has been diagnosed with arthritis, hypertension and mitral valve prolapse causing some congestive heart failure and her presenting complaints: bad headaches 4-5 times a year that can last 2-3 days and chronic low back pain. I treated her on 9/24, 9/26, 9/29 and today, 10/1.

The first day she had a headache 5-6 out of 10 covering the left side of her head and involving her neck and upper back.  I did a Dr. Tan 12 point balance for an hour, took out all the needles and did Heart 8 on the opposite side for 10 minutes. The headache was gone when she left.

Two days later she could still feel where the headache was but the headache was gone. Her low back was now just feeling strained intermittently. I did the same treatment but without Heart 8 afterwards. 3 days after that “I can feel my low back once in a while. My head is great. My hands and ankles hurt all the time.” I did a jingei based treatment.

This morning she said she felt “so much better!” More energy, is sleeping better, has less pain in her hands and ankles and her ankle swelling is less and she feels better than she has in 7 years when she was diagnosed with the mitral valve prolapse.

No zang fu diagnosis. No herbs. No moxa. No 45 minute intake. No targeting the Kidney deficiency, no work on the triple burner or spleen.  Just distal acupuncture in a recliner in a room with other people.

Another new patient came in saying as a result of being assaulted at work by a patient in 1990, she has had almost constant neck and upper back pain since the assault. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypertension and an irregular heartbeat and depression. She has had all that Western medicine offers for her upper back and neck pain. It bothers her 24/7 often to a 10/10.

I had her come in 5 days in a row last week. Initially the pain was gone for the day of treatment. Then it lowered to 5/10 the next day. She started sleeping better the third night. By Friday, the pain was 4/10 and the area involved was half of what it was initially. After the Friday tx her pain was 1/10 and it remained at that over the weekend.

Her husband remarked that she had more energy and her mood was lighter. She said, “I think you are right.” She told me that Monday that she had hope for the first time in years. She is still going to come every day to get better faster.

As I add to this at the end of the week, the original pain is gone and hasn’t come back. Two more spots of burning pain in her upper back have come and gone. She has hope. She smiles and her voice is stronger.

You tell me. Does CA go deep?

Author: annmongeau

I've been a member of CAN since the beginning.  It just makes sense to me to offer acupuncture at affordable prices.  Then, because it's so much fun to do community acupuncture and it's so useful to people, I got active in spreading the word. 

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  1. YES, CA goes deep!

    No deeper dust required 🙂  The most important lesson is that deep treatment has nothing to do with talking.  Often talking can be very superficial and a hinderance to true connection.  A deep connection with another human being can happen in an instant and CA practitioners are doing this every day.