Can Community Acupuncture Clinics Become Essential “Elements” of Health Care?

Here’s a quote from CAA punk, Nityamo Lian:

“Like any small business, it is hard work and there is a huge learning curve for many aspects of business about things that are not taught in acupuncture school. Without POCA and the free sharing of information, we would not have survived this long and we would have made many more expensive mistakes.”


Author: POCAGuestBlog

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Survey of CAN clinics

Skeptics in the acupuncture community say that CA clinics can’t be successful.  A variety of reasons are cited – prices too low, patients want one-on-one attention and wouldn’t like treatments in a room with other people, Dr.


  1. What a sweet blog! Thank you, comrades of CCA, for this. (I vividly remember making copies of the original Little Red Book zine at Kinko’s, wondering if this was ever going to go anywhere.) It’s so great having patient members of POCA contributing blog posts!

  2. Thanks Lisa. Our volunteer patient member (and famous poet!) Lisa Gill initiated this and posted it everywhere! One of the skill sets I dont have. Its great. (Although we are CAA not CCA!)