CANference class: Guided discussion of the ups and downs of community acupuncture biz

hello community acupuncture punks, students, employees, and patients,

As most of you now know, the first CAN conference is right around the corner on April 9th and 10th, and we are all excited to share this with you. There are a bunch of interesting and inspiring classes planned and I wanted to take a moment to share some ideas about a class that I am co-facilitating with another CAN board member and fellow canuck. Michael Lium Hall and I each have years of experience in community acupuncture, me as WCA’s first acupunk employee (6 years and counting…) and Michael, as a CA clinic owner/ manager (with employees and observers) in Victoria BC.

We would like to facilitate a discussion about what is working, what is concerning you in your work, and possible steps to take to energize your practice. We are here to offer our experience with the ups and downs of community acupuncture practice, while at the same time letting the group that gathers determine the direction of questioning that feels like a fit. We are ready to address both general and specific questions.

Specific business stories are welcome. Due to the nature of business stories (sometimes called case studies) and the mix of personal and professional variables therein, we recommend sharing as much detail as you are aware of when presenting a story to be discussed. Anonymous stories may also help, yet these can lack clarity of what variables may be at play to create certain business outcomes. We welcome all community acupuncture focused questions and contributions to these discussions. We plan to speak to community acupuncture business strengths and concerns only, since that is where we have our professional experience.

Are you curious about community acupuncture, the gratifying ups, potentially scary downs, and daily appreciations that embody various stages of owning, running, or working in a community acu clinic? Let’s talk about it! Welcome all acupunks, students, receptionists, patients, and folks that are considering practicing community acupuncture in any capacity.

What to expect: Michael and I will introduce ourselves and then have folks attending introduce themselves and bring up any general or specific needs/ questions that they want addressed. The specific needs that are raised in each session will provide the track to run on for the discussions that follow. We hope to hear about what is working well in your CA experience at the same time as addressing concerns with action steps to improve conditions when possible. We hope to provide participants a sense of who to ask questions of later as we go through the class. If someone comments that they have figured out a piece of their CA business and that is what you are here to learn about, we encourage you to network and check in with each other.

When are the classes? Two separate 1 hour sessions: Sat April 9 from 1:30-2:30 PM;and, Sun April 10 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM.

Feel free to email us your detailed business story—what you are doing well and what you are concerned about—to If we fall short of business stories to reference for the class, we will organically discuss CA issues as a group. Our goal with these classes is to discuss issues together with the group to help participants come away with some specific action plans.

See you at the class!

Moses & Michael

Moses Cooper
Author: Moses Cooper

hello POCA family, I found community acupuncture in the early days of Working Class Acupuncture. I was lucky enough to be the first trial employee at WCA in 2005 after Lisa and Skip survived a string of uncomfortable independent contractor acupuncturists. I remember showing up during a clinic expansion painting moment and grabbing a brush. I was feeling grateful to be working with folks that were so obviously helping people of all kinds afford pokes. That was a very attractive bottom line at the time, and still is! I consider my family roots working poor where I come from, so I was both familiar with and willing to 'walk through the fire' to figure out how to punk. I was a well-meaning, yet slow and mentally mired punk in the early days. I made all the communication mistakes you can make as a newbie poker... It took all of my energy to develop a punk mindset and clinic awareness. I often felt like I was on trial both from my employers and my patients as I figured out the basics of being a real punk. Having solid boundaries instead of being over-comforting; connecting with subtle body language as much as...

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