Cheerleading in the Clinic

I wish I could post a picture here of an awesome cheer pyramid, to get you FIRED UP. 🙂

My older kid is in an after-school cheer club and LOVES it. She gets to clap and yell inspirational phrases.

I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school. But at 42, I’m an awesome cheerleader. And I think being an awesome cheerleader is a huge key to my very busy shifts at Beach Community Acupuncture.

Here’s how i talk to people: it’s not all, “Your spleen is shot! You have no blood! OMG serious liver fire!” It’s more like, “Oh crap, migraines suck! Sit down, take a nap, feel better!!” And for the patients we all have that feel more like family than our own extended ones, I also get to cheerlead for personal triumphs, as in “You walked a 5K for the first time. YAY YOU!”

Two months ago, I took over a golden retriever puppy whose family couldn’t handle his energy. He’s kicking my ass. So I’m asking for lots of advice, and several people have told me to get him a shock collar to stop him from humping kid 2, eating expensive brie from the table, destroying 3 pairs of sneakers in a month…

And even though “Buddy” is kicking my ass, I’m his (calm) cheerleader. “Four paws on the floor! Awesome! Let’s go to your basic manners class! Good dog!”

And he’s slowly but surely making progress. Because I’m not giving extra energy to the problem, but rather giving a lot of energy to what HE’S doing to make a shift for the better. It’s a shit-ton of work, and I just got through raising little kids, so I’m tired. But the rewards will come.

For the few patients we have who enjoy the attention of complaining, I help celebrate the period that finally came, the headache-free day, the night of uninterrupted sleep. And gently ignore the litany of complaints. For the people really hurting, I throw a mini-party for each incremental improvement.

Rooting for people to make a life shift is insanely rewarding. Can I get an amen? Share your cheerleading stories…

Author: obnicole

Beach Community Acupuncture (BCA) is located in San Diego's historic Point Loma. We opened in 2009, and provide more than 10,000 affordable treatments a year. Treatments at BCA are $25 for everyone, every day.

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