Clinic Success…a hand up if your clinic is struggling

One of the most compelling reasons I joined CAN in the first place was the support that was offered to a ‘punk who wanted to do Community Acupuncture.  I was amazed that CAN was giving away business plan models and sharing the secrets to their success in running a clinic.  It was so vastly different than anything I had experienced since coming into Acupuncture Land.  It was refreshing and I felt all warm and fuzzy, but more importantly it enabled me to start a CA Clinic by giving me practical tools and information I needed to get going and stay in business.


As more and more CA clinics have popped up over the country, there have been some that have closed their doors as well.  It’s a terrible shame because this business model is designed to be sustainable if understood and done correctly.  So some really great folks at CAN decided they wanted to reach out to struggling ‘punks and clinics to give them some guidance through rough times, or to give some clarity to issues that were arising as their clinics grew.  Enter: Live Support.  It was designed to be a resource for clinics that were facing problems, staffed by ‘punks who have been through it.  The problem is…not many people KNEW about this wonderful, amazing resource. 


With the development of POCA, this kind of support has been identified as a crucial element in having a successful organization of clinics, and we need to get the word out that is EXISTS!  I have to tell you, I’ve been a CAN member since 2008 and I didn’t understand fully what Live Support was all about.  We have to assume a lot of us didn’t either.  So, we are revamping, rebranding, reinventing, and reintroducing this resource under the new and improved name:  CLINIC SUCCESS.


How does it work?  Well, say you are plugging along running your clinic and you hit a snag.  Some obstacle comes up and you don’t quite know how to deal with it.  Or, you just cannot get patient numbers up to the place that makes your clinic sustainable.  Or, patients are beating down your door and you are working 75 hours a week and you can’t take it any longer.  That is when CLINIC SUCCESS comes in.  There are established ‘punks/clinic owners who have been where you are and know what needs to be done.  You can read their bio’s and contact one of them for help.  Now, let’s be clear:  if you need to know where to buy a cash box, CLINIC SUCCESS is not the place to go.  There are great resources for those sorts of questions on the POCA forums.  No, CLINIC SUCCESS is more about how to keep your clinic that is up and running, well, up and running.  Once you choose someone you’d like some direct, one-on-one contact with to sort through your current problem, you contact them and the two of you, together, determine how the support needs to take place.  Now, you’ve got to keep in mind, this person who is willing to assist you owns and runs their own clinic, and they probably wear many other hats in the POCA organization as well.  Their time is limited and valuable.  So, be gracious, respectful and thankful for their efforts.  They truly are doing this out of the good of their hearts.  And, for god’s sake, DO WHAT THEY RECOMMEND!  They know shit!!!   They’ve been there!!!


What an incredible service!  CLINIC SUCCESS is, to me, one of the best perks of your POCA membership.  Please utilize it.  Tell others about it.  Let’s all continue to give each other a hand up and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience our collective membership has!

Please note:  the data base for Clinic Success is still being added to.  If a folder you chose to look at is empty, just come back in a while.  We are working at adding all the thing you need and compiling all the info and tools into one place.  Thanks.

Author: donnajoon

I grew up in Eastern Idaho in a small, religious and rural town of 2.000 people. I moved after high school, went to undergrad at Boise State University and then worked in live theater and doing voice over commercial work. I moved to Europe for a year and then came back and moved to Seattle and did theater there. Deciding to go to acupuncture school was a winding road that is hard to retrace...I was a patient and then the next thing I knew I was enrolled in grad school. I graduated there and worked at a Naturopath's office for a year. I missed Boise. I love Boise. It's an undiscovered treasure and I hope it stays that way. We have lifelong friends here and Seattle is wonderful, but living there is like dating someone who is really hot but who is sick all the time. (I stole that...) So back to Boise we came in 2008 and I opened The People's Clinic. I instantly became pregnant and had a daughter in 2010 and then a baby boy in 2013. I employ one full time punk and one part time admin.

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  1. this group continues to amaze me. i mean it! when explaining poca to others, i often say, “where have you ever witnessed people willing to share their business secrets for free?”

    people who buy franchises pay an arm and a leg for the kind of information that’s so kindly shared here at poca.

    and now this?!?! mentorship?!?! busy, successful people offering their time to help underlings?

    thanks for the post, donna. and thanks, also to melissa who gave me the best “start up list” ever. i can’t wait have a successful clinic so that i can share the wealth.

  2. I’ll have to remember to say this is Robert Evans,non-punk clinic owner and manager, when I comment here. Darcy Greenwald is the gifted acupuncturist in our new clinic.My wife, Nancy, and I own it as part of our wellness center here in Fort Collins, CO.