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This week I am the patient.  Here’s the story.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am 35 weeks pregnant and in the final stretch (no pun intended).  This pregnancy has been great for me and still at this stage I was feeling great physically.  A couple days ago I was treating a patient and put myself in a strange position that I shouldn’t have been in, and when I got up I realized I had this nasty little twinge in my right SI joint.  I thought it would pass-it didn’t.  By the next day I was no longer walking so well. So, what to do?  Well I guess I needed some acupuncture!  

My husband has been treating me frequently, but it is slow going.  And you know, it’s been a little frustrating.  What do you mean no instant gratification?  Anyway, this blog is not a pitty party for me.   It’s just that this experience has really made me stop and reconnect with the patient’s perspective. Sometimes I think it’s easy to get lost in your practice and forget to stop and exchange yourself with the patient, and I believe it is so important to do this.  I also realize how important it is to let your patients see you getting acupuncture once and a while.  So here’s my friendly reminder to all of you fellow acupunks-don’t forget your own acupuncture treatments!  When was the last time you had one? 

Author: SarasotaCA

We all graduated from East West College of Natural Medicine, in Sarasota, Florida. We now have Sarasota Community Acupuncture in Sarasota, FLorida.

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  1. I totally resonate with your

    I totally resonate with your words. This is instructive on many levels. First, I do think it is important to continually work on deepening compassion for suffering. We see it so much we can easily harden our minds to it and utter platitudes from our lips instead of kindness from our heart.

     Secondly, we can learn so much about our clinic, and also offer valuable feedback to our partner(s) by becoming a patient.

     I’m working on a back/hip issue also which came up a month or so ago, and with Serena’s help, I feel definite progress. I never imagined that I would have high quality free health care.


     p.s. Acumel, I wish you speedy healing and a smooth birth experience.


    Cynicism is a smokescreen for laziness and fear. Clear light mind awaken! Pierce through all layers of doubt and delusion! Inspire me onwards in ceaseless waves of selfless activity.

  2. A Taste of Our Own Medicine…

    Melonie- great post. I think it is so important to get acupuncture regularly- we need to take care of ourselves if we want to do our best in taking care of others. Not only that, I know for myself that I get greater insight and inspiration to treatment methods, the feel of a clinic, what I like and dislike when being treated among others in a CAP. It also is good to get a taste of our own medicine – sometimes I forget how certain points or methods might feel and I find it a useful reminder when being treated in order to better consider how a patient might feel when I am treating them with that method- I might think, for instance, that a patient is being a wimp if I needle their jing well – and then I have it done on myself and realize it really is pinch I’m just being insensitive!

    I’ve been lucky working in Manchester to get a free tx at the end of my shift and I nearly always take it – and I can tell how incredibly helpful it has been to me to have this opportunity. My health has been restored by leaps and bounds in the last few months – in addition to sleeping much more soundly and feeling more relaxed.

    I also have been doing a bit of community acupuncture clinic hopping lately (New Enlgand Community Acupuncture, Acupuncture for Everyone, Metro West Whole Health, South County Community Acupuncture) to see other clinics and learn more about how they are set up and experience a treatment in their space. It’s been a wonderful experience. I recommend it especially for anyone looking to start a new CAP- to visit other CAPs and try a treatment. It’s one of the best ways to do your health some good and learn a lot all at the same time!


    P.S. last but certainly not least – best of luck on the arrival of your new little one and congratulations Melonie!!!

  3. Thanks Melonie for the great post

    I’m scheduled to get a treatment tonight at last!  The other day I noticed how much I really needed it while working on a patient.  Happily I spent a quiet day at home yesterday resting.  Starting a CAP is a lot of work and its been a challenge to stay balanced. I’ve had a few melt downs but I’m starting to recognize sooner when I’m heading towards burn out. 

    Thanks for the reminder.  Good luck with the resolution of the SI issue and hope your birthing goes well!



  4. timely pins

    Hi Melonie

    I limped into a local CA clinic this week too(Brooklyn, Portland) and did not know I needed a treatment till Joseph took a look at me and said ” would you like a treatment” …I was seeing him through the fog of a low grade occipital HA and found my mouth saying “yes”

    I have been working long hours getting my clinic open…tomorrow I will open the doors as the weather man swears that the sun will shine and I wanted a sunshiny day for something that I have been working on for so long….and have realised that so many maintenence things have gone the way of the dinosaurs in the last couple of months…walks, hikes ,meditations , a beer with a friend,long phone conversations, nightly bedtime stories with my son and that I am feeling depleted .

    Anyhow I sat down in the proffered chair stuck out my tongue and exposed my neck for a prodding and felt the needles do their magic…the fog lift from my neck and brain …all in the 10 minutes I had …and I thought that this is the best medicine and this is the best way to deliver it …and I cannot wait to join your fraternity. tomorrow… Thanks Joseph


    Pins and Needles,Mt Scott Community Acupuncture 


  5. Thanks for all the support

    Thanks for all the support everyone! Melonie (Inner Source CA, Florida) ——— To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. -Anonymous