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Here are a bunch of reasons why you should fill out the survey.

Do it for the Co-op

POCA's goal is to give practical help to clinic members via the Clinic Success Circle, the wikis, POCAfest, and the forums. We need to have an idea of how clinics are doing and what they're struggling with to give appropriate support.

Do it for the profession

The acupuncture profession as a whole desperately needs some simple, transparent data about what the business of acupuncture is really like. There are research-oriented institutions out there (not mentioning any names, OCOM) blithely describing the difference between gross and net receipts for acupuncturists as a “data granularity”. Somebody needs to show them how it's really done, so let's do it. For more background on this sad state of affairs, please watch these videos:

Do it for POCA Tech

POCA is starting its own school. Unlike other acupuncture schools, POCA Tech is going to give prospective students honest information about what they can expect to earn and what it's like to run a community acupuncture clinic – before they enroll, so that they know what they are getting into. This is an example of “put up or shut up”. We don't like how the acu-establishment obfuscates, so we need to set an example of transparency.

Do it to save money

Wouldn't it be great if we could call up a needle company and say, “POCA clinics did over 600,000 treatments last year. With an average of 20 needles per treatment, that's 12 million needles – at least $240,000. Don't you want to support POCA, so that we can grow more clinics to buy more of your needles? Won't you join us as an organizational member? Perhaps you'd like to sponsor a scholarship to POCA Tech?” Collectively, we represent an impressively large market – and we should start getting some impressive demonstrations of good will from the institutions and companies that do business with us. But we can't build those relationships without hard data.

Do it for the newbies and the soon-to-be newbies

Most clinics grow over time, even the ones that got a slow start. As a new clinic owner, it's very encouraging to see other clinics making progress.

Do it for the movement

Numbers are good for press releases. We will do a press release when we get the final count and spread the POCA message farther and wider.

Gloria Jacobs
Author: Gloria Jacobs

Gloria Jacobs, Punk Equivalent for POCA Volunteer purposes

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  1. Ooh, I just thought of another one. Thanks to a couple of intrepid POCA volunteers, we are beginning to research grants and foundations that POCA Tech might be able to approach for funding. Being able to demonstrate POCA’s impact should go a LONG way towards making POCA Tech grant-worthy.