Just wanted to share some inspiration,
I want to share the book i’m checking out right now. It is called “the amazing power of deliberate intent, living the art of allowing”, and it’s been transformational in my approach to many things as of late. I am becoming clearer about how to accomplish my goals in baby steps, where setting a goal and then working toward that goal, one little step at a time, sets you on the path to making that goal come to be. This is much the same way I observe acupuncture working for my patients, in increments of treatment, one tx at a time. This very simple method of achieving goals reminds me of how important frequency of tx is in my acupuncture practice.
As I observe my patients receiving regular acupuncture, it appears as if things are only getting a little better with each treatment, and in fact, that’s true! Positive change that happens a little at a time creates enough of a difference in mind and body to make acupuncture a profoundly powerful healing method. The healing changes created through regular acupuncture treatments over time are transformational in many ways; yet, they take steady, deliberate intent and action (getting the treatments) to create this positive change.
Now, back to the clinic for my own treatment.

Moses Cooper
Author: Moses Cooper

hello POCA family, I found community acupuncture in the early days of Working Class Acupuncture. I was lucky enough to be the first trial employee at WCA in 2005 after Lisa and Skip survived a string of uncomfortable independent contractor acupuncturists. I remember showing up during a clinic expansion painting moment and grabbing a brush. I was feeling grateful to be working with folks that were so obviously helping people of all kinds afford pokes. That was a very attractive bottom line at the time, and still is! I consider my family roots working poor where I come from, so I was both familiar with and willing to 'walk through the fire' to figure out how to punk. I was a well-meaning, yet slow and mentally mired punk in the early days. I made all the communication mistakes you can make as a newbie poker... It took all of my energy to develop a punk mindset and clinic awareness. I often felt like I was on trial both from my employers and my patients as I figured out the basics of being a real punk. Having solid boundaries instead of being over-comforting; connecting with subtle body language as much as...

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  1. right on Moses

    i am also feeling that vibe lately as i watch the acu-pokees go thru their changes.  one peep we have had the joy of watching lately in real time has had 4-5 Txs per week the last 2.5 weeks for bells palsy.  seeing this peep’s positive changes via frequent acupuncture (not only with the chief complaint but with overall well-being) on a daily basis has been its own reward, made possible in largest part by CA’s affordability.  everything he read said it could take 6 months or more to return to normal.  i’d say he’s back to 80% of normal facewise, and overall he’s says that this is the best he’s felt in his life- EVER. yesterday he left the center whistling a merry tune.

  2. It is a great feeling to

    It is a great feeling to be a part of the transformation into health of our acupuncture patients!


    Keith, you talked about your patient reaching 80% relief from symptoms. I’m glad your patient is finding so much relief! I remember hearing Dr Tan suggest that from his experience treating patients that are subjectively 80% better, it will likely take roughly that same amount of acu treatments to shift the final 20%. It seems to work that way for my patients in clinic and I’m not sure why.


    I also notice that as people feel better they forget to bring up what was originally bothering them. A scratchy throat becomes more important than knee or back pain at some point. I see this as a positive sign in tx now. Part of feeling better seems to be letting go of the routine habitual thoughts and phrases that accompanied the feelings of dis-ease. Acupuncture seems to release stress-pressure enough to help redirect the focus of only seeing the problem to a focus of noticing some possible solutions to said health problem.


    I have never been more appreciative that I share the healing role with many others for each patient that I see. Acupuncture is a holistic medicine in that it addresses the body-mind as one, yet I am only one health influence for my patients. It feels respectful and professionally responsible to assert to myself and to my patients that acupuncture is one piece of their health puzzle. Acupuncture is often a huge part of the health transformation, yet it seems from my observation to partly be a catalyst for a change in thinking as well as basic stress and pain relief. After enough acu tx’s, I observe that my patient’s think about their personal problems more broadly and with more hope, which seems to open them up to seeing more options regarding how to get themselves out of the ditch, so to speak, and on the road to health. As an acupunk, I am not here to perform every therapy in the oriental medicine tool belt, just acupuncture. Yet, I find regular acupuncture tx’s over time are very often enough to tip the balance toward health.

     Observing my patients in the tx room is something like watching potential butterflies snooze in their protective cocoons. Sometimes results from acu tx are subtle and sometimes they are clear and dramatic, but it always seems to help. It’s such a pleasure to provide access to effective medicine with so many side-benefits.

  3. yup

    Well said, Moses. 

    Nice flow of ideas on the blog lately, too – seems like there’s some thread connecting each one to the last this month.  Maybe it’s the community qi of CAN.