Get the Funk Out

Recently we received this feedback from a pokee.

Keith & Larry,

You had both asked me to share my experience
on your blog.  I used Keith’s God Antenna post as my starting point,
but I ended up writing a lot as I started to put things on paper.  I am
not sure if it is too long for a blog, or if you want to take excerpts,
or you’d like me to elaborate in one area.

Check it out, let me know what you think (use as needed):

My experience with acupuncture has been one of total amazement.I went to Tucson Community Acupuncture
because I knew I needed a shift in my life.I remember the first day I went
and told the Acupuncturist, “I’m just really in a funk”.He looked into my eyes and said, “I can help
with that”.

That alone took a huge weight off my shoulders.It seems that every Spring as the wind kicks
up in the Sonoran Desert, and the allergens increase, I get a little (or a lot)
off balance.I have seen medical doctors
to help with my symptoms, but frankly medical doctors are not trained to deal
with a “funk”.It’s like going to the grocery
store and asking the produce manager his/her opinion on the best cut of meat.I do not blame medical doctors for not having
the answers.I truly view my health as
my responsibility, medical doctors are one item I have in my keep-myself-healthy
tool box; thank goodness I found that community acupuncture is another tool in
the tool box.

On April 20, 2009 I realized my work, relationships, and my
perspective on life were getting increasingly more negative.I knew I was not depressed; I was just
grumpy.I made a commitment to myself to
get out of the funk.I set goals around
proper nutrition and meal planning, exercise, sleep, yoga, and doing things
that brought me joy.And that same day,
I made my first appointment at Tucson Community Acupuncture.At that time I did not know that acupuncture
would become the cornerstone of my process of moving out of the funk.

My first acupuncture session was 2 days later.When I entered the acupuncture center for the
first time, my wound up negative energy immediately dispersed.The overwhelming sense I had was of being
loved and taken care of.Looking back,
that feels strange to say because I had never met any of the people there
before, but at the time, it felt like exactly what I needed.I remember discussing my symptoms with the
Acupuncturist and him recommending I come 2 times per week.I asked if it was OK if I came more
frequently (because I just wanted to be in that calm space).

I noticed immediate change.The morning after my first session I had a more positive outlook on life.At first, the affects lasted about a day, but
with more treatments, the affects lasted longer each time.Over time, my attitude became more
lighthearted.I noticed myself laughing
more, and having more motivation in my other goal areas. I was able to do more moderate/vigorous exercise,
for which previously I did not have the energy.I became more open to taking risks such as singing karaoke in a crowd (something
I vowed never to do), which led to more fun and connection with other people.With each session, my life continued to shift
in a positive direction.

As I made progress on my initial “funk”, I started to ask
the acupuncturists to work on other areas that I had dealt with physical pain
for years (such as neck, back, and hip).As pain in these areas started to clear, I realized how much stress,
pain, and inflammation I had been holding for so long.It made me wonder how many other people are
carrying around pain everyday and not really ever recognizing it, unaware that
a pain free life is within reach.

As I stated in the beginning, I am totally amazed by
acupuncture, but it isn’t for any of the reasons outlined above.While acupuncture has shifted my attitude, perspective,
and pain level, these were expected outcomes of my treatment.These were the reasons I went to acupuncture.I am amazed by acupuncture because of all the
positive changes that have happened that I didn’t intend.

Since starting acupuncture, my relationships with my fiancé,
co-workers, and family have improved.My
fiancé and I have stopped bickering and reconnected to the things we love about
each other.We have more open, loving
communication, and we are more joyful when we are together.I really believe that just by sharing my
acupuncture experience, my co-workers are changing.They have never experienced acupuncture
personally, but I notice them being more open to new opportunities, different
perspectives, and being generally more content and engaged at work.They have even reported positive changes in
their personal lives with people I have never met.My family seems to be shifting as well.Even though my parents, siblings, and I live
all over the US, I believe that by sharing my experience of acupuncture with
them, they are becoming more open to the “flow” of life rather than resisting
what is inevitable.

While I sometimes like to think I am the center of everyone’s
life, I know I am not.It seems, though,
that somehow my experience with acupuncture is extending out to those people in
my immediate circle and their immediate circles, and beyond.I have witnessed lives being improved over
the course of the 5 weeks l have been receiving acupuncture treatments.

I likely cannot scientifically prove that it was the
acupuncture that changed my life and the lives of others.But beyond scientific proof, there is
knowing.I have a sense of knowing that
acupuncture has caused this shift in me, my friends, and family.And so is acupuncture.I may not be able to explain how, or when, or
why it’s working, but for all practical reasons, I just need to know that it
is, and that’s good enough for me.

Author: keithananda

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  1. Getting poked

    The part I like best is when they said that just walking into the place released negative energy.  I have been getting acu regularly at WCA and I have had the same experience.  When I walk in the door all is well, the acupuncture is just icing on the cake.  I don’t know what it is but I wish WCA (or other CA clinics) could bottle that comfort and sell it.  I would take it to school and drink it like a fiend.

  2. Lovely!

    Hurray for more patients talking about acupuncture. I can never get enough of that.

    “You know how people always say there’s a reasonable explanation for things like this? Well, there isn’t.” Daniel Pinkwater, The Neddiad

  3. wonderful!

    Such a great, detailed description of the many ways a small change (acupuncture) can catalyze a whole series of positive changes.


  4. nice job!

     keith and larry,

    thanks so much for sharing this! we are in a wave of patients experiencing funk, long-term depression, as well as some high level anxiety and panic. i was able to print this out for one of them, who really appreciated hearing it from another patient’s perspective.

    thanks for all you are doing!



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