My new favorite thing – online intake forms

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    This was brought up on a FB group but for those who didn’t see that:

    Online Intake forms! They’re amazing! They’re free! Cut down on paperwaste and scanning, and increase the percentage of patients that arrive having already filed out their intake. You can put a link to the form on your website and in an email that goes to new patients when they make an appointment. Is where I made mine.

    I learned about them through Oakland Acupuncture Project.

    They’re totally customizable. When people fill them out you get sent the document. The only downside is that when you upload it into your EHR, it’s like uploading a pdf or other scanned paper intake so you can’t upload them and have it autopopulate certain fields as happens in Janeapp. But if you don’t use janeapp then it’s no different than having a scanned in paper intake form.

    But if you don’t have Janeapp..then check it out.. it’s the wave of the fuuuuutttooore. (future)

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