(Harpers-Style) Community Acupuncture Index – Winter 2012



Much has happened since Community Acupuncture was born in the early 'aughts in Portland, OR.

Here are some numbers to demonstrate how affordable, group acupuncture geared toward average wage-earners has been found to be terrifically popular around the U.S. and beyond.


3: Number of full-time CA clinics in 2006 (as defined by the POCA Locate-A-Clinic page)

177: Number in 2012

1: Number of Community Acupuncture documentaries made by award-winning director Brian Lindstrom

300,000: Estimated number of treatments given in CA clinics in 2010

Average fee paid in POCA clinics for single treatment: $18

$6.5 million dollars: Total gross receipts in POCA clinics, 2010

188: Number of acupunks employed in CA clinics, 2011

75: Number of clinics employing acupunks full or part-time.

First Community Acupuncture training workshop offered – October 2006

Number of CA training workshops offered by end of February 2012 – 65

10: Number of countries with Community Acupuncutre/Multi-Bed clinics.

Number of CA organizations worldwide: 3

0: Number of CA clinics with multiple locations 2006

6: Number of clinics with multiple locations 2012, with 2 more slated to open later this year.

(Community Acupuncture stats taken from most recent 2010 CAN/POCA Locate A Clinic survey and other reliable sources)

Author: andy-wegman

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