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In past posts we have had referrals to great teachers in our field emphasizing the development of the heart first, the head afterwards.The book I’m reading now echoes the same sentiment in more detail:

“The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field of the body, and this field becomes more coherent as consciousness shifts from the brain to the heart.This coherence significantly contributes to the informational exchange that occurs during contact between different electromagnetic fields.The more coherent the field, the more potent the informational exchange.”

“When people touch or are in close proximity, a transference of their heart’s electromagnetic energy occurs, and the two fields begin to entrain or resonate with each other.The result is a combined wave created by a combination of the original waves.This combined wave has the same frequency as the original waves but an increased amplitude.Both its power and depth are increased.

The signal of transfer is sometimes, but not always, detected as flowing in both directions; this depends to a great extent on the context of the transfer and the orientation of the sender.When a person projects a heart-coherent field filled with caring, love and attention, living organisms respond to the information in the field by becoming more responsive, open, affectionate, animated, and closely connected.

The importance of caring on outcomes in healing has been stressed in a great many cultures and types of healing professions.Healing practitioners that consciously produce coherence in the electromagnetic field of their hearts create a field that can be detected by other living systems and their biological tissues.This field is then amplified and used by the organism detecting it to shift biological function.When these loving, practitioner-generated fields and detected and (naturally) amplified by ill people, healing rates of wounds are increased, pain decreases, hemoglobin levels shift, DNA alters, and new psychological states manifest.

Thus, the best outcomes are dependent on the state of mind of the healer.Extreme importance should be attached to the kind of intention a practitioner has as he or she works.The more caring the practitioner, the more coherence there will be in their electromagnetic field and the better the healing will be.

When we are cared for or care for others, the heart releases an entirely different cascade of hormonal and neurotransmitter substances than it does in other, less hopeful, circumstances.Falling in love causes a tremendous expansion of the heart, a flood of DHEA and testosterone throughout the heart and body, and flow of other hormones, such as dopamine, all of which affect adrenal, hypothalamus, and pituitary hormone output.More Immunoglobulin A, or IgA, is also released, stimulating the health and immune action of mucous membrane systems throughout the body.

The receiver’s receptivity to the practitioner’s heart-field also plays a part in the outcome. The more open he or she is to receiving caring, the more he or she will entrain with an external electromagnetic field.However, the elegance of the practitioner in creating and directing a coherent electromagnetic field to the patient is of more importance than the sufferer’s receptivity.In addition, the practitioner-generated field must be continually adjusted.”

“The more accustomed people become to responding to coherent electromagnetic fields generated through a practitioner’s heart, the more rapidly they are able to physiologically respond when they detect a coherent electromagnetic field.The more interaction two living organisms have, the more imprinting that occurs on their hearts, the more alteration there is in their electromagnetic fields, the more shifts that occur in heart function.Because this element of healing is almost absent in conventional, technological medicine, patients are not used to responding to coherent electromagnetic fields as part of their healing.In fact, the electromagnetic field of most medical healers is extremely incoherent, since they have been trained to used their brains to the exclusion of their hearts.The ill are immersed in incoherent electromagnetic fields throughout their healing process in hospitals, which, in and of itself, is a strong contributing element to the kinds of outcomes hospitals and physicians produce.”

From The Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Harrod Buhner

I quote these pages not so much to say how much more effective acupuncture treatments can be, compared to western medical procedures, but to draw attention to our attitude toward our patients and our own abilities and role in healing, as well as the importance of the frequency of treatments taken.I think these principles are responsible for many of our successful clinical outcomes.Some folks step into the clinic and sigh, “This is the only place where I can have some peace!”They’ve shucked their jobs, their social circles, their cars, their cell phones, their shopping lists.They are here to lie still and be left alone to heal, except for the occasional checking in to see if they are comfortable while the needles are working.It’s another world where they feel safe because someone cares about their health and comfort.They’ve learned to get past the initial “ouch” of the needles (while some hardly feel anything during insertion!) and then surrender to the comforting ache and hum of the points responding.Very rarely do some patients refuse to let down their guard, and for these it takes longer for the healing.Sometimes they cannot understand what lies beneath the verbal description of their medical diagnosis, and their minds like to cling to the analyses and the statistics and the facts stated, never allowing their hearts to open and receive the flow of loving care and attention that has no names for the condition, only acknowledgement of the suffering.  But when they do, the “field” we create in our cinics, coupled with our ancient techniques of acupuncture offers a truly effective treatment for most conditions.

I could go on indefinitely with comments on our clinics relating to these thoughts, butI would like to see what you all have to say about your experiences.

Author: lumiel

I earned a B.A. in Hotel/Restaurant Admin, but soon realized that I wanted to do something more meaningful.  Became interested in nutrition and education when pregnant with my first child. Interest in health led me to becoming a foot reflexologist, which led to a massage practice and suddenly discovering the love of my life: Chinese medicine! Practicing for 18 years, Hawaiian/Californian, acu-educated PCOM San Diego/OCOM Portland. Started my CAP in <a href="https://www.communityacu.com/" target="_blank">San Rafael</a>, Marin County, July 4, 2006, even while earning my doctorate at OCOM.  This didn't seem to make sense, but it was my way of comparing the old way of practicing acupuncture to a simpler, truer expression of what I had learned in school.  I love it. And I love being a part of this grand movement to change the world by being true to our conscience. Reopened all over again when I moved to a place where no one had ever heard of me. 3 months open so far, and just beginning to meet expenses. I have no doubt this will succeed and I will be hiring by next year.

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  1. As I read this I thought

    for sure that you were reading something from http://www.Heartmath.org.  They teach us how to breath caring/compassion/love from our hearts, thus sending these out through our em fields to others.  I have been teaching this to patients for stress relief as well as to facilitate a more peaceful, caring world. 

    At the web site you can download the De-Stress Kit for Changing Times for free. It is in the lower left hand corner of the home page.   In section  1.7 of that PDF, they give the directions to heartmath breathing.  In another section of the web site they outline some of the research that has been done on the things mentioned in the article Lumiel quoted.  Fascinating – and hopeful.

  2. powerful beyond words

    Thanks Lumiel. Always helpful to contemplate motivation, intention, being centered. Projecting good heart vibes towards your patients. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thanks Lumiel,

    SO TRUE…

    Thanks Lumiel,

    SO TRUE… it never ceases to amaze me how powerful our interaction-verbal and non- is with our patients sans needles… I’ve often thought of it as rapport, but you’re right, it’s a hell of a lot more than that… it’s our love and compassion Which is why it’s so important for us to stay healthy and grounded- a lesson I’m getting thrown in my face all too often these days 🙂

    Finally getting regular acupuncture myself from a CA practitioner- hallelujah!!!

    Of course, there’s the other discussion of the line between maintaining healthy boundaries and compassion/caring for patients- something I’m constantly being tested on!!!

    What a beautiful heart you have Lumiel,