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I haven’t written anything about the goings-on out here in Acu-Land for a while but I have continued paying attention to most of the moving (and stagnant) pieces. I wish I was dipping back in (just a little over a year since I wrote this) with better news to report. There just doesn’t seem to be much of that out there these days, though. 

Let’s talk about jobs, acupuncture jobs.  There’s a funny dynamic going on and we want your help to try and understand it better.  I have been employing acupuncturists (L.Ac.s) for about 15 years and I regularly talk to a lot of other folks who are also acu-employers.  Some have been doing it way longer than us and some are much newer to this particular rodeo.  There is a common thread in almost every conversation I have: Why is it so difficult to hire acupuncturists and keep our clinic(s) fully staffed? 

I also keep my ear to the ground when it comes to recent graduates and other acupuncturists who are, or are looking to be, employed doing acupuncture. As an employer who has had a hard time hiring I really want to know what these folks are saying.  Guess what?  There is a common thread here too: Why aren’t there any good acupuncture jobs?  I can’t find a job doing acupuncture. Where are all of the jobs?

Are you picking up on the incongruity in Acu-Land?  We have a bunch of employers continually struggling to fill their open positions and at the exact same time there are a bunch of other acupuncturists having an incredibly hard time landing a job.  This is a pretty weird problem for a profession to have.**

We’d like to know more about the variables that may be driving this phenomenon. And the truth is, we really just don’t know very much about acupuncture jobs so we want to start gathering some basic information. This is where we need your help!

POCA, along with POCA Technical Institute, has put together a survey for acupuncture employers (both past and present). There is even a section for those of you who have never created jobs for L.Ac.s. We want to hear from you too. The survey is quick and should only take 5-10 minutes of your time, maybe even less! We are hoping to collect lots of data so please share the survey link with any other acupuncture employers you know.  We really appreciate your time and help!

**One thing we do know about acupuncture jobs is that there aren’t as many of them as there should be. There are roughly 30,000 licensed acupuncturists in the US but according to this data set that was put out by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2022, there were only 7800 acupuncture jobs. 

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