Highlighting a Really Neato POCA Tech Punkling Project

If you’ve been reading Michael’s blog post about the Worst Job in POCA/CA….you might be hiding in the supply closet of your clinic cringing and wringing your hands and thinking.” How oh HOW can I prevent such a catastrophe..or maybe more on point..those of you employees or fellow acu students might be wondering how you can prevent WORKING at such a catastrophe…

Well my friends.. Have i got a TOOL for you. It was made by freshly graduated POCA tech students Robin Wiesner, Amy Shook, and Julie Moulton, as part of their capstone project while at POCA Tech. Every POCA Tech student is required to create a useful wonderful thing for the coop.

This is their gift- the POCA Punkling >> Punk Employee Worksheet

I think it’s really wonderful, its all sorts of questions to ask yourself and your future/employer/employee. It’s broken down by sections and the best part of it is…It’s specific TO POCA and to PUNKING! It’s all sorts of deep, superficial, nitty gritty details you don’t want to forget to ask. As someone that can get incredibly nervous talking to people and can forget to ask important questions, I’m glad they’ve laid everything out. I also really appreciate that it has links to posts punks have made in the forums-because all you more seasoned punks have alreay contributed such wonderful stuff that we really are just adding to.

So without further ado..click on the link below for 16 pages of raw delicious things to consider.


Brought to you by POCA Tech punklings, funded by super awesome POCA patients, punks, sustainers, and clinics like YOU.

This was a post in the Can’t Stop Believing POCA Membership Drive 2018.. Thank everybody who participates..Holy Cow do we appreciate your amazing Support!

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.

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