How Many Hundreds of Thousands of Treatments Did We Do Last Year?

Don't you want to know that? I want to know that. And there is ONLY ONE WAY to find out. It's time for the annual POCA clinic survey! This year we have both carrots and sticks to move the process along. If you fill your survey out by May 1st, your clinic will receive one free patient membership, to give to anyone you want! If you fill your survey out by May 15th, your clinic will be entered into a drawing for a free clinic membership. If you DON'T fill out your survey, Skip is going to call you. Seriously, he is. So do it!

Author: lisafer

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The theme for this conference is “Breaking Barriers”. You know, there are so many barriers to break in acupuncture that it was really hard to choose which ones to talk about for this speech. But since I’ve spent so much time talking about classism as a barrier, I thought it might be fun to shift gears a little and talk about numbers.


  1. 63 clinics responding, 303,228 treatments! We have 198 clinics who haven’t yet responded, so maybe we really did do half a million (or more) treatments last year. We’ll find out!

  2. All done!

    It has been super helpful to do the surveys over the past few years! The first time I was scrambling around trying to put the info together. This year I had all of that info already put together and much more! I never would have though that I wanted so much information about the business.

    Why does school debt cap off at $125,000. That interest keeps on growing while on IBR… I’m sure there are some among us that have or will some day have $150,000 and $175,000 in school debt.

  3. Thanks everybody! Yeah, Nick, I agree, next year we should take the school debt up to $200K. Hopefully by next year we will also have POCA Tech up and running and so we will not completely be crushed by despair when we realize what people are paying for an acupuncture education.

    By my count: 72 POCA clinics reporting, 349,413 treatments!

    This is kind of amazing, actually.

  4. For those not following along on Facebook, we’re at 639,591 treatments! somewhere over 120 clinics responded so far, still some big clinics not reported.

    –at 15 needle/tx average (some of us do a few more or a few less), that’s 9,593,865 needles!

    –this is a little artificial in terms of averaging, but if we imagine that someone is needling somewhere in a POCA clinic over the course of 12 hrs per day every day all yr, say between 8am and pm (4380 hrs) that’s 146 CA txs (2190 needles slung) per hour, every hour. (those hours are probably more compressed, meaning more per hour)
    –bwaaaa! I LOVE this! when I’m needling each 4 hr shift in our clinic this week, I’m going to be thinking of 560 other patients getting treatments with you, my amazing comrades!