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As many of  you know I have the privilege of working in the office here at Community Acupunture on Cape Cod. One of my favorite things to do is send the ‘Thank You’ notes (funny , cause I am not actually one who sends thank you notes), and in this process I get to see how our patients are finding us.

We ask for that referral info on our health history form. Many people leave it blank so I explain how I’d like to send thanks and how we would like to track just what is working as far as PR goes. What i found during the last months of new patients referrals was this:

12 patients were referred by one of our present/past patients. This was great news, that’s how i heard it was supposed to work around here. We have some fabulous spokespeople at the clinic. One man, peter, says he looks for people who are in pain out in the world and then tells them about us and how we have helped him so much. That’s the best referral!

5 patients found us by seeing our ads in the newspaper. This was also good news because ads are expensive and not really done by many clinics (I think) but we felt the real need to do it on Cape Cod and sure enough- it is working.

4 patients found us on line at our website. Great to have a website, great to keep it updated, great to have photos!

3 patients were referred to us by their health care providers. Incredible wonderful news! We send these doctors personal letters of thanks with mini-flyers included and extra thanks and praise for supporting our efforts in getting the work out about affordable acupuncture.

1 patient found us in the local Cape Healing Arts magazine. We are one of just a few affordable options in this magazine. Actaully many people mention seeing us in there and it is great to have a presence in the local ,not so mainstream, health scene.

So, it was good to see what is working. Of course it was also great to hear, ‘Well, I’ve just heard of you all over the place and finally came in’! I share this info with you all because I think it is important to tune into our own communities to see what is really working and needed as far as promoting and getting the word out. What we find here is that it all matters, it’s good to cover all the angles, and one can hope eventually we will be as ordinary and everyday as the supermarket. How do we hear about them?

Spring best,


@ Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod

Author: deer

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    Your info was most helpful to me, as I’m about to open Canada’s third CA clinic. I wonder if you would mind sharing a sample of your thank you letter.