How to apply for a Clinic Membership

In order to apply as a POCA Clinic Member you must first have an active Punk Membership.

If you already have a Punk Membership  you can fill out an application for Clinic Membership.
POCA Clinic members by definition must meet the Locate a Clinic Guidelines.


Bring your clinic into the movement! In 2012, POCA clinics provided over three quarters of a million patient treatments.

Annual dues for clinic members: sliding scale from $150 to 5000.  Consider giving 1% of your clinic's annual gross receipts as your annual dues to show your support.

Joining POCA puts your membership fees to work immediately as we:

  • Develop a micro-loan program to open and support clinics.
  • Create affordable educational alternatives to train community acupuncturists (aka punks).
  • Support punks in successfully opening, managing, and improving their clinics.
  • Promote legislative change to encourage and support community acupuncture.
  • Develop benefits for clinic owners, including malpractice alternatives, group health insurance, and retirement benefits.
  • Provide a working model for sustainable, ethical, affordable community healthcare practices.
  • Increase access to affordable acupuncture for all.

 Benefits for clinic members include:

  • All Punk Member benefits.
  • Listing on our popular international referral map – the Locate-A-Clinic page.*
  • Volunteer help in your clinic from POCA members.
  • Access to discussions on the clinic forums.
  • Advice, guidance, and mentorship through our Clinic Success program.
  • Access to the POCA Employer Wiki, stocked with HR, safety, and legal materials.
  • Invitations to local/ regional meetings, CA trainings, and POCA events.
  • Sticking Together – our e-newsletter.
  • Eligibility for micro-loans.
  • Access to our hiring network to employ dedicated punks.              

*To be listed, clinic members must follow these guidelines. Clinics will be reviewed for eligibility prior to inclusion. 

One Of The Major Benefits Of Membership Is Proprietary Information. Because Of This, No Refunds Are Available.