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Babies & dogs; what can we learn from them? To live in the moment.  It’s a hard thing to do, living only moment to moment and being fully present. I am learning, as a new mom, that you have to be present and in the moment because there isn’t time to be anywhere else. I am also learning how important it is to embrace and appreciate each second of every day because as we all know, life can change in an instant.  And so….

I am still home with our 2 1/2 month old, but my husband reports all the tidbits of our clinic to me when he comes home.  A friend referred a patient to us who was a first responder on 9/11. He is a relatively young man and a single father. The officials said it was safe and he wore a dust mask.  Well for him, it wasn’t safe and the mask was inadequate. As you can imagine, he has bad health problems;  he has a variety of toxic substances lodged in his lung tissue, anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems….. and a list of medications a mile long. So, we are going to see what we can do to help him, try to get the community to help him.  His situation makes me mad…mad because there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of others in his exact position, and that it’s a symptom of the apathy that resides in our country these days.  He woke up that morning and wanted just to help people.  With that one decision, that may of only taken a moment, his life is forever changed.

His situation has reminded me how important it is to wake up every morning and be grateful for all my blessings.  Also to live in, and be fully present in, each moment of my days, because things can change so quickly.

Melonie (Sarasota Community Acupuncture) 

Author: SarasotaCA

We all graduated from East West College of Natural Medicine, in Sarasota, Florida. We now have Sarasota Community Acupuncture in Sarasota, FLorida.

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