Join POCA as a Punk!

Community acupuncture is healthcare by, of, and for the people. Join the movement to bring affordable, safe, and effective healthcare to everyone.

Annual dues are sliding scale from $65 to 125/year.

Joining as  a POCA Co-operative Punk or Individual Provider Member means being able to access, support and contribute to our mission.

POCA puts your membership fees to work immediately to:

  • Continue building and maintaining a knowledge commons: POCA forum, Blog, Wikis, video, events, etc.
  • Provide micro-loans  to open and support more clinics .
  • Create and sustain affordable educational alternatives to train punks at POCA Tech.
  • Support punks in successfully opening, managing, and sustaining their clinics.
  • Do legislative work supporting the role of community acupuncture in creating access to safe and effective care.
  • Provide a working model for sustainable, ethical, affordable community healthcare practices.
  • Increase access to affordable acupuncture for all.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS in addition to annual dues are as follows:

  • All Punk and Provider members MUST honor POCA Member “friends and family”  coupons for free visits, member birthday treatments, and waived New Patient fees for members.
  • A listing on the LOC page is optional, and any member wishing to be listed MUST:
  • complete all required fields in the registration form
  • provide a link to their website where pricing for their acupuncture and other services is clearly posted. The POCA Locate-A-Clinic admin volunteers will need to verify that you meet this requirement before your listing is visible.
  • Honor POCA member “Friends and Family” coupons for free treatments.
  • Waive new patient fees for POCA members.
  • Honor free-birthday treatments for POCA members.
    (POCA members may be asked to show a current POCA membership card to redeem birthday and waived new patient benefits.)

With each annual renewal, ALL POCA members receive:
Free birthday treatment each year during the week of your birthday.
Three “Free First Treatment” coupons for your friends or family. –  good at any POCA clinic, no new-patient paperwork fee charged.
No new-patient paperwork fee charges for yourself at any POCA clinics.
Free subscription to “Sticking Together” – our e-newsletter.
Access to online discussion forums connecting  POCA patients, community members and punks and providers
Volunteer opportunities with locally, regionally, and POCA-wide, including your eligibility to participate in POCA’s cooperative governance.
Voting privileges for annually selecting our Board of Directors.

Benefits for Punk/Student/Provider members include:

  • 8 free online CEUs when you join or renew
  • Access to POCA's active online knowledge commons, including forum discussions, manuals, clinic paperwork, and much more.
  • A basic listing on our member listing page.
  • Volunteer help in your clinic from POCA members.
  • Access to all POCA Tv videos.
  • The POCA Safety Manual
  • Invitations to local/ regional meetings, CA trainings, and POCA events.
  • Sticking Together – our e-newsletter.
  • Eligibility for micro-loans.

In addition:

  • each POCA member receives 3 free-treatment coupons to share with family and friends
  • a free birhtday treatment each year
  • waived new patient fees at member providers 

One Of The Major Benefits Of Membership Is Proprietary Information. Because Of This, No Refunds Are Available.

Ready to join? Start by selecting your membership payment amount.

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