How do I become an AAT Trainer?

It only makes sense to become an AAT Trainer in a state where the POCA Training has been approved as a prerequisite. Please research your own state’s regulations first. If you would like to get involved with legislative advocacy or pursue becoming a trainer, please email

In order to become an AAT trainer, you must:
1. Get an AAT Certificate of Completion and maintain an active POCA Punk / Provider member.
2. Co-teach a minimum of two other AAT trainings with a POCA trainer-mentor within the span of one year. The POCA Trainer-mentor needs to provide a letter of recommendation and a separate evaluation of the trainer-mentee.
3. Submit AAT Trainer Application form.
4. The Trainer’s Code of Ethics will need to be agreed to as well before a Trainer Orientation and Trainer Certificate is issued. POCA’s General Circle approves new POCA Trainers.

Please email us at for more information if you are interested in becoming a POCA Trainer.