Want to learn more about the AAT training?

How much do the AAT trainings cost?
Cost for trainings is set by the trainers and vary depending on facility and supply costs. Trainings tend to range between $300-400. To see current trainings and their costs, click here. Our goal is to keep the weekend course plus several options for in-person clinical supervision sessions affordable. Materials/supplies and a training manual are included in the cost of the training. Affordable training for AAT is a priority, and scholarships may be available. Inquire to specific trainings about scholarship opportunities. Please note that you will have to join POCA at the Punk/Provider level to take this training.  $50 per year fee may be included in your registration. Check with your local trainer for more info about joining POCA.

Click here to see POCA’s cancellation policy for workshops and events.

How long is the AAT training? 

The AAT training is a 30-hour weekend training (16 in-person hours, and 14 hours of tested training content). Trainees must complete practice treatments on 40 ears during supervised clinical hours following the didactic portion of training. To complete the supervised 40 ear quota, trainees may need to attend additional practice sessions after the weekend training has concluded, at no additional cost. Additional clinical hours may be provided to comply with state law, if necessary. There will be a quiz on the self-study portion of the course material, which must be passed with a grade of 80 or higher. All requirements must be completed within one year from date of training in order to receive a certificate.

What will I be learning in this course?

The in-person curriculum includes: safety, clean needling technique, ear anatomy, point location and indications for 5-needle protocol and clinical practice. Classroom and take-home study materials include: neuroscience of trauma, root causes of addiction, harm reduction, trauma-informed care, history of auricular acupuncture in the US, state regulations for practicing ear acupuncture.

When do I practice needling?
The 5-needle protocol (5NP) point location and needling practice is part of the in-person weekend training, and trainees usually need to attend additional clinical practice sessions within a year to obtain the required treatments for certification. Additional supervision/mentorship for Auricular Acu-Techs setting up clinics is available; please speak to your trainer about this.