Law Schools now similar to Acupuncture Schools

 “Is Law School a Losing Game?”

   Some similarities:

“cash cow”

“number-fudging games are endemic”

“Enron-type accounting standards”

“high tuition”

students “mortgaged their future under false pretenses”

“Job openings for lawyers have plunged, but law schools are not dialing back enrollment.”

“the gasoline that fuels this system (law shools) — federally-backed student loans — …widely available”

“law schools have a special moral obligation to tell the truth about themselves.”

“…looks like illegal deception” on the part of the schools.

“results (of employment surveys of alumni)… are skewed because graduates with high-paying jobs are more likely to respond than people earning $9 an hour at Radio Shack.”

the schools are “massaging the data”

One difference: acupuncture schools have been doing this for decades with few to 0 job prospects for the students, while it’s in the last 2 years (according to the article linked above) that prospects for recent law school grads have plummeted.

Author: davidv

Have been practicing community acup. since early 2008. Solo acupuncturist. No employee. Previous employments in Home Audio retail sales and Insurance claims.

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  1. Sigh.
    There are a lot of


    There are a lot of school categories doing this kind of stuff right now.  Those small, independent business-y schools like Hesser and University of Phoenix have some interesting accounting and statistics backing their intense recruiting of new students.  NPR did an enlightening segment about it last year.

    “Looks like illegal deception…” Nope. As far as I can tell it is perfectly legal deception.

  2. oof!

    my husband just graduated from law school and we were just
    talking about this the other night.  basically, we both have so much
    debt (his would have been way more if i hadn’t been working and paid for everything but tuition) that now that his loans are in repayment that is
    our biggest expense every month.  bigger than our rent and food and
    transportation combined.  wtf?

    and we are fortunate that we don’t have any debt from undergrad.  we both were in-state and our parents could afford our tuition. we have friends who are burried even farther in student debt.  and for what?

    he was lucky enough to get a 1 year job with a judge right out of
    school, so we will at least have sweet federal health insurance and a
    paycheck for a year! compared to a lot of his friends we are living the
    high life and we live in DC which has been hit hard but nowhere near as
    bad as anywhere else. this town loves them some lawyers.

    neither one of us had any delusions that we were going to come right out of school and have people throw money at us. (even though both of our schools told us we would be rolling in money or job offers. to be fair the economy hadn’t quite fallen off a cliff when he started school.)  i went to acupuncture school because it is my calling.  i had to go. and he feels the same way about law.  he loves it and it makes him really, really happy.  (weird I know.) now i just wish that other people could follow their callings without having the majority of their paycheck go to paying back student debt.  it makes it hard to make any kind of living with that hanging over your head.

     i think the moral of the story is that education funding is fucked,
    period. now how can it be changed?

  3. I’ve said it before in high

    I’ve said it before in high school, and 20 years later, I’ll say it again: eff school! Anything after 2-4 years of college is not worth it, even that’s getting unreasonably expensive.

    But we shouldn’t worry. Thankfully,
    the Republicans are in charge in congress now. They’re going to cut
    taxes so the rich will hire people and EVERYBODY IS GOING TO HAVE A JOB,
    it’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. glad this got posted

    Glad this got posted.  When my boyfriend and I relocated to Manchvegas for my job at MAS, we were looking at a Law School in Vermont that offers a Master’s Program which is perfect for someone who wants to work in the non-profit world.  Fortunately he found a job and he is still thinking about this master’s program.

    BTW, my marriage proposal was like this “I can get health insurance through  my new job.  So maybe it’s time to talk about getting married.”  I laughed my ass off and said “you are sooooo romantic”