Lisa Rohleder’s Original Acupuncture Today Posts

As CAN gives way to POCA I think it would be good to see what proceeded CAN. Back in 2006, Lisa Rohleder answered Acupuncture Today’s request to have new contributing columnists. They accepted her and for the next year Lisa wrote a column every other month until AT told her that they were no longer publishing her column as it was dangerous to the profession. I know! lol

Back then one of the interesting things about an AT column is that they all had online forums attached to them so readers could give feedback and stuff. Now almost all of the columns never had any comments outside of an occasional attaboy-except Lisa’s. Her forums quickly grew into this amazing discussion with various Acupunks and from those discussions there grew a consensus of the need for a) workshops to teach what Lisa was writing about, and b) the need for a new acu-organization where like-minded people could build on those ideas. That new acu-organization became CAN, which was born in October 2006.

It was a good thing too that CAN was born as by late winter 2007 was when AT sacked Lisa. By then it was too late.

Lisa’s articles are still there on AT though you have to search for them as she is a former contributing columnist. (Just search “Lisa Rohleder” and you’ll get them.) But below I have links to each of the six articles. Unfortunately, AT got rid of their talkback forums so those discussions are lost to us. Can’t win ’em all. But here are the articles:

1) Acupuncture and Social Entrepreneurship, March 2006

2) The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part One: Creating Inclusion, May 2006

3) The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part Two: Establishing Cash Flow, July 2006

4) The Art of the Sliding Scale, Part Three: Building Community Self-Esteem, September 2006

5) Vision and Decision, November 2006

6) Widening the Door: Privilege and Access, January 2007

There you have it. While the website is transforming to POCA-and a much better website all-around- read the articles, watch the documentary, read the Little Red Book, #3, and post if you car on the POCA Facebook website. All the links to do these things are in the blog posts just below this one.

Se you on the Other Side!

Skip Van Meter
Author: Skip Van Meter

Skip is Lead Acupuncturist and Co-Founder of <a href="" target="_blank">Working Class Acupuncture</a> in Portland, Oregon. With the earlier part of his life spent acquiring knowledge about geology, urban planning and teaching high school, he has now been an acupuncturist for 19 years, using about a 1,750,000 needles poking his patients. He likes all things soccer, has three fabulous sons, the best wife in the world, and a great dog and two cool cats.

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  1. These AT articles are what got me

    started on the road to opening a CA clinic. They made so much sense to me that I couldn’t understand why some people I talked to about it at the time could not “get it.” I’ve realized since that it was the brainwashing students receive in acup. schools and industry publications that made it seem as if there was only one way to practice acupuncture. Not so.

    AT, without realizing it, did help push CA forward by printing Lisa’s articles.

  2. Back in my Day…….

    I remember reading these and having this amazing sense of possibility wash over me.  They were the first articles in AT, and possibly the only since, that stuck with me long after reading them.

  3. open doors!

    “How long is it going to take the acupuncture world to widen its doors? Working-class patients are waiting everywhere to come in.”

    aaggghhh!  I just  LOVE that as POCA grows, so many more doors are opening and so many more working class people have been coming in.

    I never saw these articles in AT because I only ever used it to start fires. But found the articles that first day I found WCA and CAN and spent 8 hours bouncing around my new world. Thanks, Lisa!

    other quotes hitting home today:

    “Succeeding in business does not have to mean selling your soul.”

    entrepreneurship is perfectly compatible with prosperity, creativity
    and freedom – all of the things many of us long for in our practices.” AMEN!





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