Lordy, Lordy, Lisa’s Forty!

Once upon a recliner, an idea was hatching – unheard of as yet.
Maybe it was at home, at work or with Skip in the OCOM broom closet.

But with an old print shop and her “heart, head and hands”,
She opened the doors, like Rosie, saying “Yes we can!”

Window of the Sky was born out of a post-public-health mist,
Out of a dream, no money and a German receptionist.

From 12 to 30 to 50 patients she grew, and the team of revolutionaries around her grew too.

A bakery takeover with a HUGE red fist and some recycled paint,
Months of meetings to determine a non-profit we ain’t.

Working Class Acupuncture, now a PC
And, Lisa, labeled, militant and incendiary

More patients, staff, national trainings and the birth of CAN
From these white trash roots, a healthcare Revolution began

A social entrepreneur and a danger to the profession
The Walmart of Acupuncture, charging $15 bucks a session

Is that you, Lisa, that I hear lowering the bar?
And, what? You went to school at Brynn Mar?

Tonight we celebrate Lisa and just let loose,
Party like rockstars…like we are Muhammad Yunus!

Turning forty is huge, but not in the scope of what needs to be won
You still have lots to do before this life is done

Comrades surround you with a toast that you remain happy, healthy and angry,
As we look forward to 40 more years of the “ravings of a self-righteous hippie”.

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Lisa's cake

Author: lupine

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  1. Okole maluna!

    Gambei!  Cheers!  Salut!  I should have known; only a Gemini could have pulled this off.  (Hmm, let’s see now, Skip supplies the water and the intensity, does Lupine provide fire? Come on, Lupine, tell us!)

  2. Have a sweet day

    I wish you lots of bon-bons ,

    a place to put your feet up while someone brings you a cuppa

    and lots of reading material fanned out in front of you of things that you have wanted to read for an age…

    and some uninterrupted time to read them..

    I send you an etheric Amelie from Pix Patisserie..

    .Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa!

    Happy Birthday, Lisa!
    For your birthday you get to cuff Lupine around

    I say the forties are awesome. A great time to manifest even more radically sensible ideas
    for yours and your people’s health. Great time to live as large as you are.

    The cake is incredible.


  4. I’ll drink to that!

    I’m right behind you, Lisa (I’ll turn 40 in January)…thanks, as always, for blazing the trail (with your firey wrath)!

    And Lupine, you made my day, rhyming “just let loose” with “Mohammed Yunus.”  Brilliant!


  5. Thanks Comrades…

    I feel loved. 🙂

    Also very full of cake, thanks to Christine. I’m so glad we took pictures, because the image of a red velvet cake with a red fist on the top may be one of my favorite images, ever. If this is what getting older is like, I can’t wait to do more of it! 


  6. happy 40th!

    Happy Birthday Lisa! What a gorgeous cake.  I’m dying to know what red velvet tastes like.   I could use a recipe for our weekly house bake-off (me & Pascal vs. Amy & Korben).  In case you haven’t heard, we’re housemates now too…

    lotsa love,



  7. Housemates!

    Will there be room for Lisa, Lucas and i when we visit at the end of August as we push the kid out of the nest?  Oh and I’ll get the recipe.  Lucas says it tastes weird what with basil in the icing and all- but he’s also had 6 pieces already.

  8. ~*~Happy Birthday!~*~

    What an amazing poem and beautiful cake – hopefully this birthday was very special!  You have been an inspiration for myself and countless others and I’m sure you’ll keep it up over the next 40+ years!!!

  9. YES……..

    Happy Birthday, Lisa! ( a little late). Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor over the last few years and for years to come!

  10. You still have lots to do before this life is done

    Yes indeed, as do we all. Happy birthday Lisa, and many more. Thanks for the verses Lupine.

  11. happy b’day!

    way to go – you made it thru 39! a wise friend just told me yesterday that Steiner considers 39 to be the most challenging year of our lives, wooops, maybe you would’ve wanted to know that sooner — also  I LOVE THE CAKE!

  12. I thought the dirt

    was provided by Skip!

     Back from vacation so a belated HAPPY 40th with much love, Ann

     P.S. I think the 40’s were some of the best years.  What will you cook up next, dear friend?!


  13. really, a visit?

    Oh right, because Lucas is going to school out here.   Yes, absolutely, we have a guest room with your names on it!  One queen bed — and a few couches. 

    mmm… basil in the icing, that’s right up my alley.   




  14. Many happy returns

    of the day, Lisa. And long may you enjoy the Karmic returns on all of the blood, sweat and tears that you (and Skip and Lupine) have put into making CAN a reality for so many.

    Best wishes –






     You’ve changed our world in mighty good ways, and showed us all how to change it with you.  


    Have a wonderful 40th year, doing more of the same. 


    xoxo  Di