Lovely Story About Community

It was a mellow morning today at the clinic.

We were all visiting ‘chairside’ much longer than was necessary, but it was lovely. I mean, I had maybe 7 minutes per treatment today. That feels like a looong time, when lately we quadruple-book one time slot to manage our flow. Four people sitting down at the exact same time=super fast assessment and needling.

Anyway, today I had time to think about how great all these relationships are, even though we usually don’t get past the “what’s up today?” point. I was feeling so great, and so lucky and grateful. This is my work. And it’s good.

Lots of people have noted the diversity in a community clinic on any given day, and that’s always fun for reflection. I like to consider how lots of people in the same room would not otherwise have occasion to share a space.

On to the story… after pulling the last needles out I raced over to elementary school to pick up my first grader. I met up with a mom friend of mine, who kindly picked up my preschooler along with her own so they could play before picking up the bigger kids.

She told me that her husband (a patient of BCA’s) had an appointment today with a homeowner at 10:30 (he’s a general contractor). He left acupuncture at 10:00. When he arrived, the homeowner called to let him know she was running late from a previous appointment. When she arrived they had this moment where they were staring at each other and then she noticed his ear tacks and said, “We were both just in acupuncture together!”

I like how the world keeps getting smaller, it feels nice.

Author: obnicole

Beach Community Acupuncture (BCA) is located in San Diego's historic Point Loma. We opened in 2009, and provide more than 10,000 affordable treatments a year. Treatments at BCA are $25 for everyone, every day.

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  1. love this

    story! thanks fo rsharing it, and also this:

    “I was feeling so great, and so lucky and grateful. This is my work. And it’s good.”



    Good health is not a measure of adapting to a sick society.

    When the power of love outshines the love of power, the world will know peace.

  2. quadruple?

    Wow, Nicole! Quadruple-booking? That’s impressive – and obviously the place retains a sweet, spacious vibe. I may just need to make a road trip down south to peek in on that!

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. I love it when my patients who keep regular slots become acu-buddies, and also when old friends meet up accidentally in the clinic and get all excited in that whispery-quiet-clinic way.

    – Michelle Faucher, Chico Community Acupuncture

  3. Lovely story…

    After receiving a treatment today I walked out with one of our regular patients and I thanked her for sharing the healing space with me. She said something about it being the most relaxed she had ever been and actually fell asleep. I admitted that it was the first time I had fallen into a good sleep as well, but that i jerked myself awake a few times. She laughed at that and said the same had happened to her. It makes me wonder how often folks ride the same wave in the clinic.