Make Money for POCA Tech by Shopping With Amazon!

  • In case you missed it in the forums, here's how you can do your shopping and raise funds for POCA Tech at the same time!
  • POCA Tech is now an Amazon affiliate. That means that POCA Tech gets a small percentage (starting at 4%) of anything you buy, IF you use our affiliate link.
  • As a suggestion of where to start your shopping, we now have a list of recommended business books in the Marketing section of the Mighty CA Wiki. These are helpful books that have been mentioned by POCA members over the years.
  • Once you have clicked on one of those links, even if you decide to buy a different item, we will still be credited a percentage. This connection will stay active for 24 hours, after that time you would have to go click on one of our links again.
  • The key now is to really get the word out! Post it on your clinic and personal Facebook pages and send it in your next monthly newsletter. In one month we have already earned $134 for POCA Tech, imagine how much we can earn if we can get our friends, family, and patients to participate!
  • Use this link in your newsletters and marketing materials:
  • Thanks, everyone, for getting us off to such a great start!
Author: POCAGuestBlog

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