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The long running television serial, a spin off from the original 1970 movie by the same name, has been revived by FoxCiNN as a new reality show with a little twist; instead ofnurses and doctors, the mobile medical units will be staffed by acupuncturists.Juan A. Millione, of REALTV Productions has long been a huge supporter of Oriental Medicine, having received acupuncture for many years in Hollywood, CA.“Acupuncture has done so much for me, I want to bring this medicine, along with democracy, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I want to give something back to the world, and to the acupuncture profession.”

Acupuncture schools and training programs have been in the US for the last 25 years, and despite anestimated 16,000 fully trained and licensed practitioners, it remains a little used resource for most Americans and at the same time difficult for many practitioners to make a living.  According to the statistics page on the website:

  • In 1993, 12 million Americans receiving treatments and generating a whopping $500,000 resulting in a gross income of .04 cents per treatment, with a net of .01 cents after paying for needles.
  • In 2002 a NIH survey showed that 8.2 million Americans had used acupuncture, down from the 1993 figures by 4 million, which for the 16,000 licensed acupuncturists today provides a little hope, with the $500,000 divvied amongst them promising $31.25 each.

 “We really want to change the profile of American acupuncturists,” says Millione, “My acupuncturists and dear friend Dr. Master Moe Monee brought this idea to me for a reality show and I knew we had the kind of chemistry that creates a winner like Survivor.”  The AMA and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture AAMA  have purchased advertising spots for the pilot episode.

Millione’slong time friend and acupuncturist, Doctor and Master Moe “Ga-Chu” Monee, DOM (NM), AP(FL), DAc. (RI),CAH, ETC., also the head of a prestigious Los Angeles based acupuncture school, Golden Rule Institute of Integrative Medicine (GRIIM), feels that the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other future conflicts fought byAmericans in the name of democracy present “a golden opportunity to see acupuncturists at the forefront of bringing democracy to the world.”“People over there, from soldiers to civilians, to guerillas and insurgents, they’re all really stressed out.Acupuncture can help with that.” Earlier this year Facial Rejuvenation Without Borders (FRWB)carved inroads into the private sector of the military/industrial complex for acupuncture and other CAM modalities.

GRIIMhas been turning out dozens of acupuncturists each year who by the schools’survey data are not doing financially as well as they had hoped.By joining up with a M*A*S*H unit, graduates will be able to gain valuable experience treating in a wide range ofinjuries and illnesses, while earning a good wage.Food and lodging is provided for M*A*S*H acupuncturists, although their own personal protection apparatus is not.  Contact for an acupuncturist application for the show.

The reality TV show will serve as apilot program under the auspices of GRIIM, and if Department of Education approval is swift, we may see many more acupuncturists serving overseas beforethe ultimate withdrawal of American armed forces.“It’s really thinking outside the box,” says Millione who plans to call the show either “Survivor II” or “Poke and Awe.”

“We are working with the Department of Education and the Defense Department, to seeif some of the huge student loans that many acupuncturists face can be forgiven if they serve on the front lines with a M*A*S*H unit.I think it is a win-win situation for everyone, and we aregrateful to have this opportunity for our graduates and young professionals, “says Monee. And of course those that survive their time with the M*A*S*H units are eligible to be entered into a raffle to win a free practice management course courtesy of GRIIM, when they return to the US.

A spokesperson for the top liability insurance agency that provides policies to acupuncturists, Polly C. Deneyed, said that the Council would be providing coverage for M*A*S*H participants for an additional $9,000 annually.These policies, however, do not cover loss of a limb, or sensory organ, or illnesses resulting from deployed uranium, or PTSD related symptoms.Acupuncturists will also receive the same mandatory vaccinations required for armed service men and women.During the year long commitment to their M*A*S*H unit, acupuncturists can rest assured that CEUs can be obtained courtesy of Blackwater, Inc. who is now an NCCAOM approved CEU provider.The pilot for M*A*S*H, is expected to be aired in early 2009.

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Author: Kung Fool

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