Mother’s Day guest blog


Meilssa is filling in for me this month with a quick guest blog.  I’ll return next month.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my mom in town for the last three weeks. This is her first visit since the clinic opened. I was really excited for her to see the space and to meet Jenn and David. From the beginning, she and my dad have been nothing but supportive when it came to the clinic. I was pretty sure she would love what she helped me create with Jenn and David.
    I brought her to Circle on her second day in town. Right away she liked the look and feel of the clinic. She seemed really comfortable when I gave her a treatment that day too.
    This past Friday, on my day off together, we booked appointments with Jenn and David. We were both in need of some acupuncture. I’m always telling people that I really like the fact that at Circle, family and friends can come and receive acupuncture together. Its great catching two patients who know each other making faces at each other across the room. I thought my mom and I would joke a little too but in fact, we settled into our chairs quickly and once our needles were in, we both passed out and took naps side by side.    
    I’ve had a lot of fun with my mom this visit. We’ve packed quite a bit into these last few weeks–seeing old friends, having her meet new ones and showing off a city that I love. But I think my most memorable times from this visit of hers will be showing her the clinic for the first time and sharing some quiet time with her getting some acupuncture. Now, if only I could get my Pops on an airplane…

Author: Davelcorp

I'm French-Irish-American hybrid living in SF, married to a Irish-American gal from New Hampshire. I have a son named after my hometown in Texas; he was born in the year of the Monkey (me--the Dog.) I went to school to learn how to stick needles into people in order to make them feel better. I'm broke, in-debt, and pay too much rent for a <strike>one-bedroom</strike> two-bedroom apartment. I have health insurance but owe about $2000 in medical bills and believe that CA will make my life, and others like me, more comfortable. I also have about 20 kilos of puer tea aging in a red metal cabinet -- I plan to drink it all before my days are over.  

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