Welcome to another wonderful day in the Membership DRIVE!!! Woo!!! In honor of the drive, I am highlighting the awesome things that POCA folks and POCA Tech students are doing around POCA.

Your dues go to support the creation of new POCA clinics and funding POCA Tech-creating new punks. The dues are so helpful to students being able to learn a TON and be able to graduate ready to pin a ton of people right from the get go. POCA Tech students are learning more then just how to pin a lot of people, we are learning how to run a start and run a clinic, how to talk about treatment plans without feeling like a salesman, how to hold space when a shift is slow, How to retain patients to fill up a schedule, etc etc. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the project being done by Rachel Hess, of cohort 3, hailing from Urbana, IL.

Rachel’s capstone project highlights the fact that this grand multistakeholder cooperative and grand CA movement is so rich and strong because of just how different all the clinics can be. Rachel is putting together a digital resource book highlighting all the different ways POCA clinics operate. In showcasing different clinics it will lay details such as square footage, number of chairs, number of punks/receptionists/volunteers, systems used and more! For many people starting their own clinics they might have only been exposed to their local CA clinic and WCA if they went to POCA Tech. Already on the forums are tons of details about how to start a CA clinic (and thank goodness there are. This awesome resource will give punks or punklings looking to start a clinic a visual reference into other possibilities for planning their own clinics in areas without current CA access.

So, thank you for all work in this month’s membership drive for making projects like this possible! Stay tuned for other blogs!

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.

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