New clinic, free treatments

It occurred to me that the last month or so of preparation for opening my clinic has been filled with a lot of really mundane details. It feels great to get all that preparatory stuff out of the way—accumulating the furniture, setting up the reception area, getting the logo designed, making new intake forms, consent forms, and all the rest. I feel like a benchmark has been reached, and I feel like celebrating, but I think an open house is premature. For one thing, I only have one patient so far! CommunityHealthAcupunctureCenter in Royal Oak, MI, is finally ready for patients, but are the patients ready for CHAC?

All the marketing I’ve done to date has consisted of a series of networking events— meetings of the National Association of Career Women, Business Networking International, Local Business Networking, local chambers of commerce coffees—all these have generated so far are lots of phone calls wondering if I need to buy insurance, send-out cards, essential oils, printing, web site design services, local newspaper advertising, and on and on. Admittedly, some of the people I met at these groups have helped me get the clinic open and legal, and they were welcome contacts, but now comes the task of finding the people who need me.

I have to admit feeling a little anxious about getting out there to sell myself and the clinic, but I’m also looking forward to it in some ways. One of the things Lisa mentioned as a marketing technique in the Maine 2007 Nuts and Bolts of Community Acupuncture training seminar was offering to let people try a treatment for free. As I canvas for CHAC in the coming weeks, I am prepared to make this offer to people, and I am truly looking forward to it because it doesn’t require such a hard sell. I am anticipating that people who are truly interested will take me up on the offer, and I am excited about filling my appointment book, even if it is with free treatments in the beginning!

Author: Darlene

<p> I first discovered acupuncture as a very effective treatment for neck pain. Before becoming and acupuncturist, I helped develop continuing medical education materials for MDs. After seeing how research was spun or ignored to serve the pharmaceutical agenda, I decided a career change was in order. I went to PCOM New York and graduated August 2007. During school, I couldn't afford acupuncture except at the school clinic and wondered how I would convince people to pay going rates for my services. Luckily, I found The Remedy in spring of 2006. My CA practice is in Ferndale, MI. </p> <p>   </p>

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  1. DarlaiLama, congratulations

    DarlaiLama, congratulations on opening CHAC!  Don’t worry about
    patients.  i’m originally from Detroit, and I’d already told my
    family and friends who are still there about your plans to open a CA
    clinic in the near future.  I’m glad that I can soon tell them
    your opening date!  Stay positive!

  2. We just had our gran opening

    We just had our gran opening in February, here are some of the things that helped make ours a success: we sent emails out to everyone we knew telling them about the grand opening and the free treatments that would be available.  I went over to the Chamber of Commerce and they organized a ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor.  Since the mayor was coming we alerted the local newspaper and a reporter came, photographed me, and put the article on next week’s front page.  We also put flyers up all over the place.  I hope that gives you some ideas and inspiration, you can do it! 

     Tom Riordan 

  3. good luck!

    I just wanted to wish you luck with your new clinic. I moved from Royal Oak to Portland, OR last July. It’s awesome to come across some good news from my old town.

  4. I’m open now

    Sarya1, I wanted to let you know I am open and seeing patients, but because of my wierd situation with space, I am not going to have a grand opening until I move to my permanent location in fabulous, fashionable Ferndale, MI.

    If you know people who need care, send ’em over.


    Darlene Berger, MSAc

    Community Health Acupuncture Center

    1821 N Campbell Rd

    Royal Oak, MI 48073