Oh boy… here we go. Thanks.

Well, what do I say? It's been a while since I've been up here blogging, and a lot has passed.

First, let me explain my absence. In December I graduated from that great loan-driven institution known as ACTCM. At that point I buried myself in a pile of books and tried to digest everthing I learned in 4 years of TCM school. February 13, I went through the institutionalized hazing known as the Califonia Acupuncture License Exam, and spent 3.5 tortuous weeks waiting for the results. Last Friday they arrived — I passed! Woo Hoo. Now I have the right to pay for a license and become an official acupunk!

Today, I renewed my CAN membership and updated from the Student level to the Practitioner level. Yep, I now have a title.

I promised Skip that once I finished the exam I would start posting on the front page again. So here I am, a few months absent, a week past my official turn, and I'm not sure what I have to say. Except thanks.

A big thanks to Lisa, Skip, Lupine, Ann and all the other people of CAN. In the past few days since I became legit, I've realized what a blessed resource and community we have here.

Thanks to the forums, I have a complete business plan to dismantle and reassemble, the CA 101 Guide, information on where to buy chairs, how much space we need, how to market, how to communicate, how to get malpractice insurance without giving more money to Marilyn Allen, how to treat peripheral neuropathy, what to do with patients with strong body odor, etc, etc, etc. In other words, at my fingertips I have access to the combined experiences of hundreds of acupunks.

Recently, when I talk to my fellow grads, I can hear the panic starting to settle in. They are suddenly realizing that they graduated with no idea of how to run a clinic. They can pass a test, but can they open a practice? If I hadn't had the fortune to discover CAN a year ago, I would be in the same boat. Thanks.

I have two wonderful business partners who are going through this with me. If we didn't have the model presented by WCA and CAN to draw us together, we probably would have not realized our shared viewpoints, and would be floundering around, each trying to go out on our own. Thanks.

I live in San Francisco, one of the most TCM saturated centers in the USA. If I didn't have CAN, I'd look at all of these other acupunks, and seeth with envy and fear. Thanks to CAN, I see a community. Thanks.

So much more to say thank you for.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Author: Davelcorp

I'm French-Irish-American hybrid living in SF, married to a Irish-American gal from New Hampshire. I have a son named after my hometown in Texas; he was born in the year of the Monkey (me--the Dog.) I went to school to learn how to stick needles into people in order to make them feel better. I'm broke, in-debt, and pay too much rent for a <strike>one-bedroom</strike> two-bedroom apartment. I have health insurance but owe about $2000 in medical bills and believe that CA will make my life, and others like me, more comfortable. I also have about 20 kilos of puer tea aging in a red metal cabinet -- I plan to drink it all before my days are over.  

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  1. Oh Boy…

    It’s such a pleasure to be part of this community.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone operated this way – in community and sharing their experience!

     Have a great time David!  Ann 

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    …and I also feel it’s a blessing to have the support and guidance of so many colleagues.


    To CAN! 


    “Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.” – W. Allen

  3. A wonderful testimonial…

    …made even more powerful by the acompanying photo (the thousand words showing how it IS possible to do this while becoming a father!)  And we CANers thank you for giving to us your compassion, dedication and gratitude.  Congratulations!


  4. You. Are. Doomed.

    Well I want to say you’re welcome and wish you luck but… you are doomed.  Did you read Ellen’s post?  Now SHE has experience; so much so that any possible patient for you will fly to Philly instead to get treated.

     Oh well.





    -Skip ———————– Mal: Well look at this. Seems we got here just in the nick of time! What does that make us? Zoë: Big damn heroes, sir. Mal: Ain’t we just.

  5. I am so happy for you!  I

    I am so happy for you!  I remember the day I received the “I passed, thank God” letter from the California board and then the OMG, “what do I do now” feeling.  I wish I had CAN at that stage, but I happy for those like you who found CAN during school. I wish you all the best in the next stage of the adventure we call acupuncture.



  6. no, thank YOU

    David, I had a bad week last week with local acu politics and I have to tell you I read your post about 5 times to help me keep perspective on what’s important. I’m so glad this has worked for you. Like Ann, I wish everything in the acu world responded to our need for community. Can’t wait to hear your future reports from the field.

  7. quick question and “ditto”

    Congratulations! I wish I’d found CAN (or that it was around) when I graduated in ’02. But a blessing is a blessing no matter when it arrives – so thank you all! It’s always nice to have someone come along and show you a formal system for all the little random thoughts and ideas you had bouncing around in your head.

     The question is: so where’s this body odor info you mention, Dave? A few searches have turned up nothing, and I’ve got a few such clients now…

    Thank you all!