Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod just finished a great 3 Year Anniversary celebration.  I am exhausted/delighted!

We sprang for some newspaper ads, which definately helped our attendance, which I believe was upwards of 50 people.  We had a harpist play live in the treatment room, and offered 1/2 hour treatments with NADA ear points no charge.  We had a gorgeous red dragon puppet in honor of Chinese New Year, along with lots of fabulous food, a drawing for free treatments, “fortunes”,  and a very community vibe.  What I liked best (besides the two year old who gave the dragon a kiss) was the number of people who said, “I keep hearing what a great place this is, and I’ve been meaning to get in here for ages!”  I am gifted with a wonderful staff of colleagues who make things beautiful, easy, fun and creative.  Thank you deer, Daphne & Sandy for all you do.   We’ll have photos on our web site soon, and I’ll post a link.

Author: Diana

<p> I had just hit 10 years in practice when I stumbled on the Working Class Acupuncture model in 1995, via Lisa and Skip's "Little red book of working class acupuncture". After reading this 3 times in the first two weeks, I was ready to jump, and two months later I was offering Community Acupuncture part time in my <a target="_blank" href="https://www.acuforall.com/">Cape Cod, Massachusetts clinic</a>. </p> <p> While my boutiqe style practice had always been enough to pay the bills, I was forever needing to recruit new clients, and the ones I had often ignored my recommendations for a treatment plan, mosty due to cost. This made me feel frustrated and not very effective. The opportunity to transform my practice in ways that better support me, my community, and my values has been life changing for me. While it's all still a work in progress, there's no question that this is what I want to be doing, and helping others to do as well. </p>

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  1. Congratulations!

    So happy to hear about your successes!  And isn’t it such a joy when poeple who have heard about your clinic but never made it in FINALLY get there?!

    Justine Deutsch, Lic. Ac., Acupuncture Together

  2. congratulations!

    I’m so glad your celebration was lovely. Diana, you inspired me completely when I met you at the training for Acupuncturists Without Borders. At every chance, you brought up how much it was needed for this medicine to be affordable every day, not just during a disaster. I came away with so much food for thought, and it really changed my trajectory. Keep speaking truth to power! Congratulations on 3 years.