POCA Locate A Community Acupuncture Clinic Guidelines

All POCA LOC clinics offer acupuncture in a community setting only.

In a group or community format, the following criteria must be met:
  1. All fees must be listed on the clinic’s website, either on the front page or a page clearly devoted to clinic fees. Good business tip: put your fees on the front page of your website and on your business cards. Your fees are a major factor in attracting patients.
  2. In order to be eligible for LOC approval, all acupuncture treatments must be provided in a group or community setting only, with consistent hours dedicated to Community Acupuncture only on at least three consistent days and twelve consistent hours per week, and these hours must be listed on the clinic’s website.
  3. Adopt a sliding scale between $15-50 with the low end no higher than $20.
  4. If a flat fee is charged, that fee can be no higher than $25.
  5. Herbal consultation, KOH, NAET, and similar one-on-one treatment system fees, if charged, must be within the same sliding scale. This must be clearly stated on the clinic’s website along with the acupuncture sliding scale.
  6. Other labor-intensive services including but not necessarily limited to massage, craniosacral therapy, tui-na, and hypnotherapy i.e. all of those those therapies that take the acupuncturist away from the CA clinic are considered non-essential to a Community Acupuncture practice. They may be charged separately, must either be performed outside of CA hours or performed during CA hours in another part of the clinic by someone other than the punk on duty performing CA, and we recommend that these additional fees be posted on the clinic’s website.
  7. Modalities such as cupping, bleeding, moxa, guasha, electro-stim, ear needles, beads or seeds and brief herbal recommendations which are not conducted in a separate herbal consult are considered part of the acupuncture treatment. To be clear: adding such modalities in the community acupuncture clinic does not increase the price of the treatment.
  8. TCM modalities (such as those listed in #7) can be delivered in a CA setting as part of the initial appointment. Those labor intensive services that take the punk away from the CA treatment floor cannot be included as part of the initial acupuncture treatment.
  9. It is impossible to plan for every variation in services in every community acupuncture clinic, however the intention is that patients should know what to expect to pay when they go to a CA clinic. The clinic’s website should clearly state which therapies or modalities are charged separately from the acupuncture treatment, and that there is no requirement that the patients receive any other modalities as a condition of receiving group acupuncture treatment.
  10. First time visits may include a one-time fee of no more than $15. This fee must be displayed on the clinic website along with the sliding scale.
  11. Tips must not be solicited either verbally or in written form.
  12. No proof of income is required or requested by the clinic. A notice to this effect must be displayed along with the sliding scale. The notice can be flexible. (Examples: “No income verification required”, “Pay what you can afford”, “The choice is yours”, “You choose what to pay”.) Clinics work with the POCA members charged with maintaining Locate-A-Clinic to come up with the appropriate wording.
  13. The use of Income Guideline charts is strongly discouraged, as is any language intended to drive patients to the top end of the sliding scale, either on the clinic’s website or explained in person.
  14. In order to be listed as a clinic on LOC, a member must be current in their membership dues, and in good standing in regards to any and all POCA policies.
  15. At the time of LOC application (when the clinic applies for membership), the clinic’s website will be audited for compliance with the above guidelines.
  16. POCA LOC Administrators will investigate any complaints to POCA about a clinic’s compliance with these guidelines, and will periodically audit member clinics for adherence to the LOC guidlines. Clinics found to be non-compliant will be notified and the listing will be removed. Once a clinic listing is taken down due to non-compliance with the LOC guidelines it is the responsibility of that clinic to notify the LOC Administrators (poca.ca@pocacoop.com) once LOC compliance is reached again.
  17. Each year upon renewal all clinic members will be asked to re-enter and update information for their clinic listing.